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• 10/10/2018

Pastel Land Users, please help me!

I tried registering in the Pastelland forum, but I never got an activation e-mail. I have quintuple checked my e-mail address, it is correct. I've had the e-mail resent a dozen times. It's not in my spam box.

Everything in the FAQ etc. says to contact an administrator. Fine. But there is literally no way to do that. You can't view profiles without logging in. You can't even see the 'Team' page without logging in. I am having trouble deducing who the administrators even are, nevertheless scour the internet for an e-mail, so there is no way to contact the administrator.

If you're reading this and you have a pastelland account, please, contact the admins of the Pastelland forum (such as Vortex) with a copypasta of this post. Thanks for your help!

For the admins:

Clearly a system like this is extremely frustrating to newcomers and needs to change! In addition to fixing any problems with the registration system, the most elegant solutions are: A) open permissions to the "Team" page, B) add a contact page to the site with a site-internal, accountless message system that sends to an inbox viewable by anyone with administration powers, or C) add a contact page to the site with some e-mail address which is frequently checked by one or more administrators.

Of the solutions, I think B) is probably best, A) is probably the most straightforward (although I can see why it would be undesirable to publicize an e-mail address), and C) is the easy solution that avoids the problems of A).

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• 10/7/2018


Heyy I really appreciate your guys work on this site, and I really love the Submachine series.. So I'd be glab, if I could help with some translations. I can translate some pages to portuguese. That's it! thx bros for the content

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• 8/3/2018

Why are Subnet Location Names being changed?

Why are Subnet Location Names being changed? I just wonder. Is this done democratically and if so or not what are the reasons? A Wiki is not democratic but I noticed and wonder if the community was involved. Chears.
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• 6/13/2018
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• 5/1/2018

What made you like Submachine? -And what is your favourite?

(Trying to keep things going on here in the forum haha)

I like the mystery environment, the sensation of being completely alone in there. The Egyptian and Inca/Maya references are also very dear to me, and the many possibilities of exploration. But mostly, the environment it's completely unique.
At first, I used to play the game for that because I wasn't fluent in English and couldn't understand the whole context and read the letters properly hahaha So when I got back years later and started playing it all again, but this time understanding It, It was like discovering a new game, and sub got EVEN better (but way different from what I imagined).

Btw, my fav is LFL, but from the main series, definitely the lab.
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

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Have fun!
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• 7/9/2016

Jay is Games Needs Help!

I'm sure most of us are familiar with Jay Is Games, the game reviewing website. They have written reviews for pretty much all of Mateusz Skutnik's games, and have put most of them up on their website.
Well, if you haven't heard already, they had to shut down operations in April 2016 because they simply couldn't make enough money to keep the website going.
The website will remain, as well as all the games and the ability to comment on them. They still post user-created reviews of games. However, their staff can no longer sustain the website as it was before, and they cannot post games anymore.
However, they do have a Patreon! Link to it here. If they meet their first goal, $1800, they will be able to bring the website back and keep it running. The next goals in higher tiers would gradually remove all the ads on the website, since they would no longer be needed.
If any big fans of Submachine read this and decide that maybe they want to support this website and bring it back, then please think about becoming a Patron for them!
(I'm just a Submachine fan who wanted to get this message out. I'm not actually from Jay Is Games.)
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• 5/11/2016

Can't always read highlighted plates or travel to next screen

I was wondering if anyone else has been having the problem of when you move your cursor over the plates that are supposed to reveal clues the cursor doesn't change from arrow to hand to reveal the message below? It usually works for me, but some locations don't i.e. the winter christmas tree location and the alter (there are other but I don't remember). Also I've been having an increasingly hard time trying to access portals i,e. location (291) I spent 15min or more tryng to go through the portal as I had done in many other loc's. I tried it again today and I got through. Other time's it's traveling from one screen to the next i.e. loc 411 bottom later where note is. As it happens I am currently stuck in the sewer loc 461  where the panel with the number 9 is written on it. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know a solution? I have tried reloading the game multiple times, deleted cookies and history etc., but I return to the game as I left it.
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• 9/4/2015

Various Things (songs, pictures, etc.) that relate to Submachine

Hello! I want to start a thread about various things that make you think about Submachine, even if they have nothing to do with it.
There's an alternative rock band called OK Go that is best-known for their zany, innovative music videos. I like to listen to their music a lot. One of their songs in particular, called "Skyscrapers," stands out as a song that makes me think about Submachine. Here's the [[1]] to the video. Try to pay attention to the lyrics, with the notes from Submachine 9 in mind. (And have the window minimized while listening to it, so you're not looking at the video to imagine the lyrics.)
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• 11/7/2014

Submachine 2 Revisited last secret

So I just found out that there's a new version of Submachine 2 (boy, what a noob I am!) and to my surprise, two of the secrets have been moved from the "three-secret room" in the sewers. I found one of them - next to the projector, but I literally looked for 15 minutes and I could not find the last one. Could anybody help me on this? Thanks in advance!
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• 10/27/2014

So PastelForum is going away...

I've been following the discussion. I'd just like to remind everyone that we have a perfectly good forum right here, and I would love it if more people started using it. To that end, I've enable the forum feature, which replaces the old wiki-style forums with a more traditional threaded message board.
I'd also like to point out that the Wayback Machine has a copy of the Pastel Forum, just in case the database migration ya'll are attempting doesn't work out. Don't rely on it, though, because the latest snapshot is from July 2014.
So, yeah. Here's another option for the Pastel refugees.
Mordikai wartwunson (talk) 22:29, October 27, 2014 (UTC)
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