Lab facility #493

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The lab facility #493 is a location that is part of the Lab organization. It appeared in the Submachine Universe with its initial release.


In the early stages of the project, Mateusz Skutnik said that there will be a lab unit that would include a computer and some coordinates. He also stated that the coordinates for this location would be 000.


The architecture is similar to that found in the lab from Submachine 5, with some minor differences. For one, there are lamps in this facility, similar to the one found in the mover. There are also steel beams surrounding the rooms. The wallpaper is the same dull beige as in Sub5's lab.

The doors are opened with buttons on the walls and lock tightly. The ladders are bolted into the wall, but the passage is more free than in Sub5, where the ladders were closed off by air-tight hatches.

There are eight rooms in total, split evenly between a working area and the bathroom.

The working areaModifier

There are four rooms in the working area. The upper-right one is almost identical to the starting room from Sub5. There is an alcove with a bed that hasn't yet been tidied. Under the bed there is a pile of books and some unfinished breakfast. There is also a wheeled barstool in here and a notebook lying on the floor. Left from here there is the entrance to the bathroom and a ladder to the lower floor. The door opens and closes by pressing the button.

At the bottom of the ladder there is a computer. It can be turned on using the button. The computer screen displays a list of seven coordinates: 000, 051, 076, 541, 551, 628 and 642.

To the right the is a portal.

The bathroomModifier

There is a bathroom area which is bigger than in Sub5, but has the same personal artifacts: toothbrush, towel and slippers. The paper bin is almost full and all the drawers in the bathroom are empty. There is a toilet here but no bathtub or a shower.

In the bathroom area there is also a power control unit, much like the one seen in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse. The three switches on it control the power to (from left to right) the computer, the portal and the lights.


The ambient is full of different mechanical voices, elevator sound, bleeps, sound as if something was dropped on metal pit, spinning gear sounds. This is the same ambient present in the menu of Submachine 5: The Root.


The working area:

Fichier:000 map lab.png

The bathroom:

Fichier:000 map bathroom.png


Fichier:000 lights off.png
  • The REV size of this location is 558429 and the drop zone is 4.
    • Before the update of September 19th 2010, the REV size was 576595.
    • The REV size of this location in SNEE 3.0 is 367995.
  • This location clues to the most amount of place in SNEE.
  • There is one toilet paper roll in here. This is one out of two in this game.
  • Turning off the lights via the power control unit prevents you from leaving that room.
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