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The Exit

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21 décembre 2015

The Exit  Fr. : Submachine 10 : la Sortie  est le dixième et dernier opus de la Série Submachine, sorti le 12 décembre 2015.


Le jeu reprend là où se termine le Subamchine 9, face au Portail karma blanc qui donne sur les quais du Jardin Nord.

Le joueur accède alors au navire du capitaine d'où il peut accéder à toute la zone de jeu, découvrant de nouvelles technologies qui l'aideront à progresser. La correspondance entre Murtaugh et Elizabeth parsemée dans le jeu permet au joueur d'apprendre que les voyages dans le temps et la technologie du karma ont tout deux été utilisés dans le sous-réseau. Le joueur découvre également des robots-assistants, à l'arrêt ou cassée.

Los de son voyage, le joueur retrouve les restes d'anciennes équipes d'exploration. Il atteint ensuite l'ordinateur général qui contrôle le submachine : S.H.I.V.A.. Déconnectant S.H.I.V.A. à certains moments, le joueur revisite également les anciennes localisations (vues dans les jeux précédents) comme le Sous-Sol.

Le joueur finit par arriver dans la Tour du Phare, puis à l'extérieur : il est sorti du submachine. On découvre alors que le Phare et le submachine ont été enterrés dans un désert de sable, sur une planète étrange avec des pyramides et deux lunes dans le ciel. Faisant quelques pas, le joueur est finalement accueilli par Murtaugh et Elizabeth, devant un temple en pierre.

Localisations accessiblesModifier

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Dimension 000:Modifier

Grotte aux tableaux:

- You can't fix everything, just let it go. Submachine doesn't need your help. It's fine as it is.
- You know you're taking away my life's goal, right ?
- We'll find you a new one, don't worry. You were part of this organism, I admit, a crucial one, but just a part nonetheless. You can't think of yourself any bit higher. That would be arrogant, and't that's no you anymore.
- What would I do without you, my dear...

La tour du phare:

- Wait, Submachine was already sentient that early ?
- Of course. The mainframe of Submachine became conscious once it's processing power surpasseed that of the human brain. They asked the question, remember? And Shiva answered. Submachine was sentient for at least 32 days before that.
- Now I understand. Shiva is the brain, Submachine is the body. It's all so clear now.

Sas d'accès au phare:

- I think you're ready to enter the Submachine. You know more than enough and will probably find out more on your journey. Remember, this can destroy or transform you. But you will not return the same man. May the wisdom of Toth guide you.
- Thank you, holy usher. I will not fail you.
- Don't fail yourself, my young disciple.

Sous-sol du phare:

Dear Elizabeth!

I'am so close! You won't believe how much progress I've done in last... How long was it?... 3.5 years? My lord, it feels good to be focused again.
I known this sounds stupid, but as a time traveller I have to say it feels good to see time run by you.
Anyway, back to the subject at hand. My theory of focused karma was correct! I have scientific evidence at my laboratory. Once it doesn't penetrate any two given layers creating a portal - it actually restores previously destroyed sub-molecular order.
Now, all I need is some kind of... portable karma stabiliser, and I'm good to go!
Just imagine - stable and secure karmic portals. Would you believe that?



- How will you know that they're coming ?
- I'll keep my eye on the lighthouse. Once the lamp goes off, they'll be coming.
- But that lamp is behind steel curtains...
- Don't worry. I'll know once it's off.

Dimension 001:Modifier

The Root:

- Do you know how many numbers are there between 0 and 1.
- ... infinite ?
- Exactly. There is a countless number of sub-layers of reality.
The important thing to remember is that as there are seven main layers, all stable, as all their sub-layers, there is also the eighth layer, known as the layer of light, which is not stable and it can float freely through all other layers.
Murtaugh was trapped in the eighth layer once, that's why he was unable to focus his being on a single layer.
Fortunately Elizabeth managed to snap him out of this trap.

Dimension 010:Modifier

The Labs:

- I've found my grave today. A proper tomb, in fact...
- Well, I guess that's bound to happen sooner or later if you're a time traveller.
- I've also found your tomb, right next to mine.
- Oh, that's so sweet of them.

Dimension 011Modifier

The Core (à droite, accessible avec le stabilisateur de karma):

- But how is it possible, that she knew the Submachine was sentient and reasoning? That's like Lumiere brothers talking about retina cinema of the early 21st century.
- Don't forget, that's Elizabeth you're talking about. Right ?
- ... Right...

The Core:

- I'll come back to the shrine every 32 years. I promise, anyone who still listens to this frequency.

Dimension 100Modifier

Unité de stockage 33/3:

- So how did he escape after all ?
- Through the lighthouse, naturally. how else ? ...

Dimension 101Modifier

Dimension violette:

- If there is is countless number of sub-layers, it's practically impossible for two people the end up in the same layer, right ?
- Yes, good observation.
- But the non-living matter can be persistant between layers.
- Yes, there are special building materials mixed with just a hint of karmic water. This technique was discovered during the Fourth Dynasty.
- Naturally. The architects of the Plan...
- So you can imagine how a non-living sentient organism, powered by the super-intelligence of Shiva was able to embrace all layers at once. The Submachine is now living in five dimentions.

The Plan:

Light crown converter needed to connect light crown to the fuse outlet.

Dimension 110Modifier

Bureau de recherche (droite):

Dear Murtaugh.

That's great news. Please remember one thing.
Submachine didn't wait for this discovery, it moved on and is healing itself, as any normal organism would. Did you see the power generator in the oldest sections of the root? 
The one destroyed by your portal long time ago? Now it's being rebuilt by five karmic veins.
If you haven't seen it - please do, it's a remarkable proof that Submachine became sentient being.


Bureau de recherche (gauche):

- We're in a loop.
- Yes, I know, there are time anomaly leaks everywhere, but we're not in one right now. Are we ?
- No, not horizontal loop. Vertical one.
- What do you mean ?
- Look through my microscope. And then through my telescope. You'll see.

Dimension 111:Modifier

Pas de notes.



Are we alone in the Submachine ?
Well, yes, but you can always feel somebody right beside you, doing the same things you do in the Submachine. Just one sub-layer away. That's comforting, isn't it ?


What happened to sunshine_bunnygirl_17?
Don't worry, I took care of her. I transported her to the first layer, she's taking care of Einstein when I'm not around.


Will I ever come back to the Submachine ? Well, of course.
There are more people still trapped there, my mission is to navigate the sub-layer infinity to find them and bring them home.


is Submachine real? Or just a dream? Well, if Submachine is only a dream, I still haven't woken up from it. I mean, as far as I know, it's real all of it.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for playing Submachine, for finding all secrets and sticking around for as lo,g as you did.
For me this journey lasted 10 years, I know that for some of you too. Thank you and see you in the next game !
Mateusz Skutnik.



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