The number 32 appears frequently in the Submachine series, leading to speculation that it might have some special significance. 23 also appears a fair amount in the games, which also attracts attention as it is the reverse of 32.

In-game appearances of 32/23Edit

Submachine 2Edit

  • A note left by Murtaugh says, "I'm considering leaving next 32 days."

Submachine 4Edit

Submachine 5Edit

  • In Dorm 38C there are tallies on the wall that add up to 23.

Submachine 6Edit

  • The broken portal is identified as "portal prototype 2/32". Another one of the protocols is numbered "1-32".

Submachine 7Edit

Submachine 10Edit

  • One of the storage units is labeled 32/1.
  • Murtaugh leaves a note saying he will return to the shrine in the desert every 32 years.

Submachine: Future Loop FoundationEdit

  • The first two digits of the player's cell number, 3218. (This only holds true for the SD version of the game)

Submachine: 32 ChambersEdit

  • The mentioned 32 Chambers were explored.

Submachine UniverseEdit

Developer notesEdit

“how many fingers do you have, mat??? :))”
“ 20”
“ hmmm... strange”
“sorry, my mistake. I meant; 32.”
“ok, that's normal”
— Francisc Czobor and Mateusz Skutnik, in Facebook

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