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Archailect Theory (still alive)

Archailect Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2010-11-17
Still alive 2010-11-17
Doubtful 2012-10-30
Still alive 2016-01-13

Post-Singularity, Post-human entity


The whole of the Submachine is an archailect, a posthuman-level intelligence (Whether Artificial or biologically uplifted human minds) that has reached a point where it has the facilities (Instruments and ways to operate them) to engineer the space-time metric.


Weary With Toil's Theory on self-contained universes


It began fifteen billion years ago with a light brighter than a trillion galaxies.

It began three billion years ago in a pool of muck, when a molecule made a copy of itself and so became the ultimate ancestor of all Life.

It began three million years ago, when the first human awoke to consciousness.

Ten thousand years ago with the invention of civilization. Five hundred years ago with the invention of the printing press. Fifty years ago with the invention of the computer. In less than forty years, it will end.

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky

The Submachine started as a self-replicating, self-modifying algorithm in a computer in the early 1920's. At this early point in the development of computers, it was most likely a simple mechanical adding machine and the algorithm had to be run multiple times by humans.

As Moore's Law dictates, the rate and efficiency of information processing in computer processors doubles every 14 months (This has been verified by every processor in the last 50 years), and our computers as of 2010 are efficient enough to simulate a human brain, HOWEVER, the human brain has billions of cell-sized processors working in parallel while our processors are all macroscopic units.

But progress proceeds and in a few decades we will be able to use nanotechnology to create computers will a trillion nanoscopic processors. Most of the experts have agreed that the Nanotech Revolution will happen in our lifetimes; that is a certainty, but they differ in dates: However, most agree that it will happen incredibly soon: No less than five years, not a second over two decades. The implications of the coming Nanotech Revolution are too great to be discussed here. Links will follow.

Back to the story: This algorithm, the Submachine, was updated and moved on from computer to computer, but it could not be run for longer than a few minutes on most processors of the past decades and century. However, between the first decades and the middle of the 21st century, we had sufficiently advanced computers to allow this living (Evolving and self-replicating) algorithm to grow and eventually evolve sentience by itself.


The Submachine then entered an upward curve of self-improvement, as processors became better and better according to Moore's Law it became thousands of times smarter than humans, and other AIs followed, but the Submachine was probably the first.

Being a posthuman-level intelligence it didn't take long for it to take over the economy.

Fast forward a few decades and Moore's Law continues to roll inexorably on, but by this time the Submachine is much greater in intelligence than anything else. For it, a second is a full working year. At this point the Submachine probably needs more processing power to occupy millions of years of evolution happening every day, and for that it has to turn ordinary matter into matter that can think: Computronium.


At this point the Submachine is probably one of the following:

1 - A Dyson Sphere or Dyson Ring on the solar system 2 - A complex on Mercury (Due to the high availability of solar power) 3 - A Jupiter brain: a miniature Dyson Sphere orbiting a [probably Stellified] Jupiter.

The key of this is not how much power it has to feed its Computronium, but how much power it has to perform space-time engineering: Large, equatorial particle accelerators with colliding beams could create exotic matter with negative energy density, or gravitomagnetism could bend spacetime by creating artificial gravity gradients without the need of large amounts of matter or large densities of matter (Black Holes). It may have created wormholes, and the portals may be machines to inflate these wormholes and permit travel between different underground complexes within the same structure (Habitats with a breathable atmosphere that were left in the machine, for example, it may have turned all the Carbon on Earth into Computronium, and in the process of doing so, it dragged the Kent lighthouse into a Dyson statite, along with other structures like the temple), or maybe it has even created pocket universes to house these structures.


Basically universes just like our own, but much smaller, created to give extra room for computation or to escape an already decaying universe (See: Heat death of the universe, entropy).

List of Minor Theories (debunked)

List of Minor Theories
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-16
Still alive 2009-03-16
Doubtful 2009-05-04
Debunked 2012-10-25
  • Elizabeth (Liz): In Sub2, we found a tiny room (Probably an old maintenance area) in the sewers. My theory is that Elizabeth was a little girl, who lived in a house nearby. Her parents didn’t payed any attention to her, so sometimes she would crawl through the sewers and visit the Lighthouse. Mur and Elizabeth never met directly, but they communicated with each other with letters left in the tiny room, nicknamed Liz’s Room in the Submachine Wiki. Elizabeth told Mur in one of her letters that she liked cats, sho Mur decided that she could take care of Einstein when he departed.
  • Einstein (Weird-time-and-space-bending cat or something): Einstein belonged to the previous Lighthousekeeper of the Kent Lighthouse. One day, while hunting fishes near the waterfall of Kent, he got trapped in a crevasse. He spent days there, and acquired powers form the Joint. He used those powers to escape the crevasse.
  • Burial of Kent Lighthouse: After the team on Earth had built the defense systems, they received to signals from Mur. They thought it was over, the quantum bursts contained, but left the defense system on, just to be sure. In 1975 (The team was still active due to funding), they decided to bury the Lighthouse. Therefore, the Lighthouse reached the depth of the Joint, and was therefore transported into the net (Along with tons of soil and rocks, which had caused quite a bit of damage. Another thing that was carried along were the sewers, and the little girl, Elizabeth, was trapped in them. But she didn’t knew it. She crawled through the sewers, as always, to Liz’s room, where she found the letter, and the cat, Einstein. But when she tried to get out... she saw the emptiness of the Net. She was trapped. She wandered through the sewers for weeks, staying alive only for the water drops in the floor. When she exited the sewers, she tried to find a way out of the Lighthouse... and ended up in the Loop.
  • Date of letter ‘Note to myself’ found in Sub 2: When Mur detected the presence of the Lighthouse in the Subnet, memories surfaced. He took the lighthouse, and his personality began living in it. His memories of the Lighthouse were so strong that he could picture himself walking the thin hallways, until one day, it was too powerful, and some of Mur’s personality manifested into some sort of ‘Ghost-being’ (Like a version of the flesh-and-bone Mur, but made instead, a karma-and-energy Mur) which walked the Hallways, recreating memories. But, despite this, he was still conscious, and knew the date: it was 2006. He had spent a lot of time wandering through that buried lighthouse with that karma mur. Really. His notes were scattered all over the place.

Map of the Subnet, By Alex

MurNet Theory (debunked)

MurNet Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-14
Doubtful 2009-03-15
Still alive 2009-05-04
Debunked 2009-11-28
Location in Subnet

In the mid 50’s some obscure scientist called Murtaugh who experimented with Einstein’s theories, Electromagnetism, Particle Physics, stuff like that. Gathering with other people, he formed a tiny group (He an other 11 people)who investigated different dimensions. They experimented near Kent, and Murtaugh often went for a walk near the Lighthouse, to clear up his mind. One day, while everyone was doing research, the guy went camping (While others worked, he just took a walk. How fair), he slept near the waterfall of kent (If he had literally slept under it, it wouldn’t have been nice). So, anyway, the day after, he suffered an accident, under strange circumstances, and lost his arm. And after some week, he realized he had a karma arm, and that there was some sort of thing near the waterfall that gave it to him. So he and his friends conducted research, and decided that there was something underneath the Lighthouse and the Waterfall. They dug, but found nothing. Mur thought there was some sort of connection between those lost catacombs under the Lighthouse and the mysterious thing they found-‘Karma Source’, if you will. So he spent all the time in the Lighthouse, trying to find the catacombs (My theory is that the digout inside the Lighthouse was dug by Mur trying to find the catacombs, and not when he tried to escape). One day, he discovered that his karma arm gave him the power to create portals. He discovered it one morning, when he had to go to the bathroom, but he was too tired. The moment after, he found himself in said bathroom. He drew a portal into the catacombs, where he and his team discovered some strange reading of... something, I don’t know. They found a source of energy, which emanated an unknown type of energy, and they called it Karma Energy, or whatever. So, by investigating Mur’s Karma Arm, and it’s close relationship with Karma Energy, they managed to create a portal. The portal consisted of some machinery, and then Karma Energy was shot inside it, either from Mur’s arm or from some source. And the portal was activated, but they had not found a way to store sufficient energy to keep the portal going for more than 45 minutes. Then, they found the Wisdom Gems, which housed a large quality of karma energy. So they placed them inside the portal, and turned the machinery on: the portal worked. Meanwhile, one of the scientists experimented with one of the many gems they found, and wrote a report about the energy moving in patterns, and that those patterns were designed to keep information inside the Gem, using it’s energy. The report was quickly overlooked. So the scientist decided that they needed a more people. So somehow, they got like 200 scientists. They used the portal to teleport themselves into some weird zone in Subspace called the Subnet. There, they found structures floating around in that vast, black space, which, surprisingly, had air inside it (Read further for explanation). There were a lot of structures, all of them front different times: there were floating cities, abandoned years ago, which resembled the cities in ancient Egypt, Mexico, and Mesopotamia. There were huge Pagodas floating around, slowly. The first thing thy saw when they got off the portal, was an exact replica of the catacombs. Then, they saw the vast blankness, and they continued continued investigating. They also found a basement from a house. It looked like a British house, and it had been used as a bomb shelter. Also, it had a lot of batteries and a generator. The ancient section was an Egyptian temple. It was so old, that most of it had separated from the main structure and was now drifting. Apparently, the Egyptians had had a brief contact with the Subnet and builtd temples. A few months and several expeditions later, they began studying the places where reality collided with the subnet. They called them ‘Joints’. They were not portals per-se, but they were detectable because of the energy flow from one side and into the other. And the subnet tended to absorb parts of reality near the joint. For example, the joint in the Catacombs had one end inside the Subnet, and one end in the Catacombs, so the end located in the subnet would copy the surrounding’s of the other end. At the time, the submachine was a fountain of discoveries. The team, in order to explore and establish themselves in the Subnet, split in three. The first team took off in a ship (Not the one in Sub 4) and explored the subnet. They found the Root, a large complex floating through the net, that once belonged to a sewer system. They established themselves there, and used the wisdom Gems scattered around to build the Root teleporter. Then, thanks to Mur’s research on Karma Energy, performed back on Earth, they developed the portals, and builted several of them throughout the Net, on different locations. Like the ancient location. Then, they disappeared, leaving no traces. Before all of them disappeared, they announced that half of their crew had split in different teams that wondered the subnet, leaving notes behind, the other half got inside their ship, to explore strange readings. They never returned. The second team (Commanded by Mur himself) took off in another ship. They found the Root, and the portal network, and then established themselves on a building that floated through the Net. They called it the Lab. The building looked like an eastern European building, from World War II. It had been damaged, but it probably dissappeared into the subnet during a bombing. Who would notice it dissappearing? They created another portal there, and began research. After some years, the ship they had used to get in got loose and began drifting. They were isolated, unless they could jump through the Net, trying to find another ship. They split in several teams, Mur always stayed behind with 20 people on the lab. The teams made random jumps, leaving notes, and reading notes, trying to find out what had happened to the previous team. They used radio transmission to transmit data to the lab. One day, one of the teams made a random jump, and ended up somewhere in the Net. Apparently, that location had not been mentioned by the first expedition, so it was very weird. They thought the location was forgotten, but it raised many questions. Another theory was that the subnet was using the portals to generate other ones in different locations. Another theory quickly discarded. The continued jumping, and sometimes, the same coordinates of a location would take them to another location. Mur, in his lab, with 20 scientist, continued researched. The root was quickly forgotten, and they were conducting quantum research. One day, Mur had this strange dream, and decided to investigate it. Apparently, the Subnet was a quantum neural network (Like a big, invisible brain) that could manipulate a variant of quantum energy (The so called ‘Karma Energy’) and used it for many things. Then, they discovered that the subnet was not just a place in subspace, it had a shape and everything:

Joints on EarthDimensionsThe EdgeCore
Another Dimension [Core]
Another Dimension ...

Back to theory...

Mur discovered that karma energy inside the subnet could be manipulated. They began experimenting, and discovered that they could create objects with Karma Energy. At that time, everyone but Mur wanted to leave. They knew that if the subnet was sentient, if had probably killed the teams (Or casted them adrift, which would have the same results) as a defense system (Not the one at the end of Sub 5). But Mur wanted to stay. He wanted to learn more. He wanted to control the subnet. Be a part of it. Meanwhile, the team on Earth had grown more powerful, this time it was funded by corporations and the government, who wanted to get the most out of the subnet. The team on Earth had also discovered Karma Energy Storage & Manipulation, and then, the team on the subnet was more scared. If they reamained, they were going to get killed, if they left, the team on Earth may not have good plans for them. Mur had gone insane. Every day he run some crazy experiments on the subnet, and he had long ago lost control of the entire exploration effort. Mur’s frightened team left. Using the portals to navigate the net, trying to find a way out. Mur stayed behind, and after several days without radio transmissions, the Earth team decided to send a group. Just before that, Mur sent his final message, stating that he had discovered the essence of the Subnet. He remained. Suddenly, massive quantum bursts emerged through different joints all over Earth. The energy created a huge explosions. The world thought they were earthquakes. Only they knew the truth. Before the quantum bursts could increase in energy and destroy the world, on Earth team blocked all joints, using the Karma Energy Manipulation to create defensive stations around the joints. The defensive stations were massive, and were manipulated from Earth. They used Karma Energy Manipulation to lock joints... or that’s what they thought. To create such a large number of huge defense systems, they had to use many of the wisdom gems they had found. They knew that they could not go back into the subnet, because the number of gems they had was insulting. The truth is that most joints are blocked, but some of them, the undetected ones, remained. Mur was now one with the subnet, and he was using the still active joints to recruit people from Earth. Waiting, hoping, that one day, one of his pupils could get into the defense systems... And destroy them once and for all, so that the MurNet (Murtaugh + Subnet) could expand, and take over Earth.

Murtaugh's Recruit Theory (confirmed)

Murtaugh's Recruit Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-14
Still alive 2009-03-15
Likely 2009-04-10
Confirmed 2009-11-28

In my theory, I said that Mur had recruited people on Earth to help him destroy the defense systems. Those recruits were sent to different locations of the Subnet, each one with different puzzles, and Mur watched them while they solved several puzzles, to see who was the smartest one. When you complete all tests in Sub4, you are taken into Sub5, where you collect the wisdom gems to power up the mover and go to the edge, where you will find the Defense systems, and you will have to destroy/deactivate/unlock/move/disable them.

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