Ancient coin

Ancient coin

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The ancient coin is an item found in Submachine 1: The Basement.


The coin is very old and seems to be made by hand. The design is based on that of the tetradrachm, a silver coin from ancient Greece. It is an off-white color and depicts the Owl of Athena and the Greek letters "ΑΘΕ". A 4-digit number is read from the symbols on the lower right of the coin; the number is randomized every game.


Ancient coin detail

The coin contains a 4-digit code that is used to unlock the box that holds the fuse. It is found by hovering over the symbols on the right side.


The coin is found in a room in the basement with nothing but a closed fuse box (in the recent versions of the game).


  • The coin originally was gold and went under the name golden coin in earlier versions. The older versions of the coin showed "50 Cent Euro" on its front as well as the code on top and an engraving of Europe. This was changed to its present state with the release of Submachine 1: The Basement (version 5).
  • In the original version the coin was found in the room containing the four bells.
    Golden coin

    The original golden coin from earlier versions of the game.

  • The font used for the 4-digit code had changed between versions of the game when the coin was made of  gold.
  • Coincidentially, the obverse side of the Greek 1 euro coin has a picture of an ancient coin with a bird, the same coin that is used in the latest version.
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