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Games with words - theory - Post-Submachine 8 version (confirmed)

Games with words
Theory history
Submitted 2010-12-29
Likely 2011-01-16
Confirmed 2016-01-13

Hypothesis: In the context of the Submachine series by the Polish game designer Mateusz Skutnik, the word plan, especially when used with the definite article “the”, refers to a “detailed drawing of a machine, building, etc. that shows its size, shape and measurements”, instead of other viable meaning of the word plan. The objective is to show that only the aforementioned definition is the correct one and to prove that other definitions of the word are not applicable to the concept introduced in Submachine 7: The Core. If this is true, it is required that the word “plan”, especially in conjunction with the definite article, doesn’t agree with any of the other definitions of the word plan. The definitions of the word plan used in this article are from the eighth edition of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. If the word plan were to be used in a context were clearly is any of its other definitions, it would have to be demonstrated that that particular instance of the word plan refers to a different concept than the plan mentioned in several note in Submachine 7: The Core and Submachine 8: The Plan.

If possible, the other properties of the Plan should be examined and listed.

Description of the usage of the word in the Submachine series

In the Submachine series the word plan is used a grand total of seven times. Once in Submachine 3: The Loop and Submachine 4: The Lab, four times in Submachine 7: The Core and twice in Submachine 8: The Plan, the title excluded. The first time the word plan was used was in Submachine 3: The Loop. This instance was in the note left behind by Murtaugh, the game’s deuteroganist. The note shall be referred to as the Read me –note in the future. The note discusses the structure and nature of the Loop location. The relevant passage is as follows:

“-- That doesn't look like a good escape plan. --”
— Murtaugh

The fact the word is used in conjunction with the word “escape” makes it clear that in this case the word refers to the set of actions the player has to do in order to escape the Loop. An “escape plan” is a common term for a plan that is for the specific goal of escaping or getting out of somewhere and fits the context well. However, the term is never again used as a whole and no other passages suggest that an escape plan is the titular Plan of the eighth game. The lack of definite article also supports this assertion. In the fourth game the scientists of the Lab have written a note, which discusses a *masterplan (more correctly master plan), which specifically is “a detailed plan that will make a complicated project successful”. This instance thus has a different meaning of the desired meaning by default. The important parts are as follows:

“Murtaugh said once that there is no 'greatest puzzle', no masterplan, no one is controlling this thing. But we think otherwise. There must be a purpose for all of things. We just have to find it. I thought this was all possible, but since Murtaugh deserted us, I'm not so sure anymore. But we found our purpose, we see it clearly. Do you?...”
— Unknown scientist

Murtaugh’s assertion that there is no master plan is absolutely correct, as the humans had lost all control over the Outer Rim in the early twentieth century. The Outer Rim certainly is a complicated project, but it isn’t controlled and it has no plan. It has been described as mutating and corroding by Mateusz Skutnik and in-game characters. Again a different description from the meaning I have been searching for, even if the definite article is note present. Other notes from Submachine 7: The Core by Elizabeth, Murtaugh’s past friend, speak of “garden plans”, which mimic the structure of the Subnet, due to the gardens location in the Subnet while it was built. This is to be referred to as the Garden –note. While garden plans certainly fit the definition, I have little doubt that this is refers to simple garden plans and not the titular plan. The plans of Versailles gardens are also visible in the Super Secret Bonus Section, which boldly include the word plan. Much more interesting is the depressed rant of a resident of the Core, which will be referred to as the Decay –note.

“Once the great scheme of things was clearly visible through the layers of seven main dimensions.”
“Right now due to corossion, collapse and spontaneous growth of the outer rim the plan is almost unrecognizable.”
“We humans deserted the outer rim, and the outer rim responded with deserting us.”
“Nothing but decay ensues.”
“The plan is lost.”
— Unknown

It describes the plan as lost and unrecognizable. While a written or drawn plan could certainly be lost, it wouldn’t render in unrecognizable, indeed it would make seeing it possible. Corrosion, collapse and the growth of the Outer Rim are, however, not reason to make a concept such as a plan – a set of things to do in order to achieve something – would not be made “unrecognizable” but failed and another plan would need to be made. For this reason I argue that the word plan here is used for a blueprint like, architectural plan. Please notice the presence of the definite article.

This is supported the vague notes in Submachine 8: The Plan. Where two persons discuss a particular area that has been built so that you can move from layer to layer and the chambers match. When the peculiar shape of the area is questioned the following answer is given:

“The idea is to give you a glimpse of the plan. Just a glimpse. Seeing it all it's glory would blow your mind.”
— Unknown

The definite article is again present, giving reason to believe that this is a particular plan, as the plan doesn’t not appear in their discussion prior to that moment. The context leaves no room for the set of actions definition. No set of actions has a particular shape and usually the term “part of the plan” is used in favour of the term “glimpse of the plan” if one wants to imply a subset of the intended set of actions.

The last instance of the word plan is on a computer screen that says “the plan_sector 9”, when all seven layer slides are inserted. My previous argument stands here as well; sets of actions are never divided into sectors, blueprints on the other hand are.

Curiously, the author himself has yet to say anything on the matter.

The implications of the usage of the word Plan and their validity

Having discussed the different instances of the word in the series, I feel I can now go on and make several inferences from the data. In a way, the theory starts here. Firstly the Plan is most definitely an architectural blueprint, not a set of intended actions, and the instances where the word plan has been used differently refer to mundane distinct and separate concepts, easy to dismiss as aberrations. It has been described as being lost and unrecognizable after the collapse that occurred in the Core. As the plan was architectural, we should see remains of it or all of its glory during Submachine 8: The Plan. We must as such ask ourselves: What did we see? We saw that there were completely different areas in each layer, each with its own unique ambiance and architecture; however, they had the same basic shape. This was discussed in several notes, such as the one that credits the interlocking to architects. Although it is most likely an exaggeration that seeing the plan in all of its glory would “blow your mind”, it seems that the plan was divided into sectors from this note and the computer screen.

This seems to have all been the work of humans, as architects are attributed with this feat. The Winter Palace pamphlet in Submachine 7: The Core states:

“This palace and surrounding gardens are prime examples of antistructural architecture freed from boundaries of material durability.”
— Pamphlet

As already discussed, Elizabeth says this is type of architecture mimics the structure of the Subnet. The garden was built and designed by sir Henry O’Toole, who is a great architect of the nineteenth century. It is not hard to extrapolate that the architectural possibilities of the era were vast and with time architects would’ve been able to connect locations even between different dimensions. The existence of “geotags” that were observed to be the same even when the two persons were on different layers also support this, and also shows that it would’ve been possible in theory. To summarize; the plan refers to the architectural marvel of the nineteenth century that is matching locations on different layers of reality and creating rooms on those coordinates on each layer to enable transportation between the layers. However, the plan was lost with “corrosion, collapse and uncontrolled growth of the outer rim”. Now these things all have one thing in common: they destroy or create, in other words, they modify. The plan is lost because new bits, not accounted for by the plan appear as with the creation of the Outer Rim appear, and because some pieces previously accounted for by the Plan have disappeared, like with the collapse.


  • 8th Edition of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
  • Notes from the Submachine series
  • Mateusz Skutnik’s introduction in the PastelGames site

Submachine personality theory version 0.1 (debunked)

Submachine personality theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-09-13
Still alive 2011-01-16
Doubtful 2012-10-29
Debunked 2013-01-13

Submachine is sort of a perfectionist. Submachine wants everything to stay as it was one second ago. Murtaugh and other people cause anomalies in that and Submachine "hates" humans for doing so.

And submachine is a egoist and wants to make the whole universe an unchanging structure... Unless it needs to change the areas for its own purposes.


Anteroinen's theory about the ending of Submachine and what comes after it. (debunked)

Anteroinen's theory about the ending of Submachine and what comes after it
Theory history
Submitted 2009-06-29
Doubtful 2011-01-16
Debunked 2016-01-13

Submachine may - like the universe itself maybe - suffer the "Big Crash" the opposite of Big Bang due to its constant expanding and therefore increasing mass. This is the end of Submachine in my theorisations.

In this crashed down machine, maybe still one or two room big, new 'life' will be born and that 'life' shall be a sequal to the Submachine Series. I personally like to call this new creation The New Machine.

Theory on Defense Systems (debunked)

Theory on Defense Systems
Theory history
Submitted 2009-03-17
Still alive 2009-04-25
Doubtful 2009-12-06
Still alive 2011-01-16
Debunked 2012-10-29
Location in Subnet

First one must explain the term “bell system”. Bell system is constructed from four bells that are put together to create a puzzle for one to solve. A single bell is a set of a bell, cube and the cubestand. It is still unknown to us if the bell systems can have more or less bell in them.

While there are bell systems in the most of the Subnet they are most likely just the tip of the iceberg. These bell systems are just mere cells of the Defense System that has huge amount of bell system guarding each other. There are only two possibilities. That either the Defense System is ring of bell systems which is impossible to break in which solving the last system in the ring would lock down the first one you opened or it is possible to crack open this shell from inside by solving numerous bell systems and finally opening a panel which reveals the valve of button which shuts down the defense system.

Defense System gets all it’s energy from one source and one source only, which is the Core. While Defense System takes its energy from the Core it protects the Core so the relation between the two is symbiotic. From what does the Defense System protect the Core from is currently unknown but we are working on it just now.

Anteroinen's theor(ies) on the Core (debunked)

Anteroinen's theor(ies) on the Core
Theory history
Submitted 2009-10-17
Doubtful 2011-01-16
Debunked 2012-10-29

"Defense System gets all it’s energy from one source and one source only, which is the Core. While Defense System takes its energy from the Core it protects the Core so the relation between the two is symbiotic. From what does the Defense System protect the Core from is currently unknown but we are working on it just now."

We now know that the Core was protected from Mur + other people.

Interception cube

The Core is another computer system like the DS. This system however is blue. In those walls in the elevator/mover we saw the symbol of the core in its systems. We will have the joy of acessing the systems with another connection pod (or the same).

Look there are four gates to the Core.

Murtaugh most likely looks the Core for personal reason as well as being forced.

Core hasn't got any defenses of it's own. The "Twin Computers" Core and the DS lived in symbiosis. That happens no more. Subnet is in crisis.

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