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The Attic is the second area of game play in Submachine 4: The Lab (accessible from the rooftop) and is also found in Submachine Universe.


The attic's walls are brick, covered mostly with plaster, with numerous bricks visible around the areas where each of the huge wooden rafter beams come out, and also near the top of the ladder. The entire room has been painted a dark, mustard yellow. The hardwood floor is old, unfinished, and slightly warped. In the far left area, next to the door to the research base, is a table with spread out newspaper pages. There is also a lidless jar with clear liquid in it. To the right of the door is a set of drawers, a dismantled security wall lamp, and a key hanging from a set of hooks.

In Sub4, the middle part of the attic has a ladder leading up to a broken window giving access to the rooftop. In Submachine Universe, the ladder is missing with one of the attic's three chalk-written messages found here instead.

At the base of the ladder is a lab coat hanging from the wall. In Sub4, the coat contains white pellets of naphthalene.

To the right of the lab coat is a chimney and a gramophone. The rightmost area contains an ornate chair, a radio (which actually plays audio of someone scanning through all of the stations quickly, in Sub4), and an energy receiver. In Submachine Universe, above the third set of graffiti is a ceiling mounted camera, the lens of which has been covered up completely with tape strapped around it numerous times. Also found scrawled in chalk on the wall above the chair is an untitled writing by World is Quiet. Further, the knob has been removed from the radio making it unusable.

In Submachine Universe the door leading downstairs is replaced with a layer door that leads to the defense system corridor.


In Sub4, the attic's ambient consists of creaking floorboards with a deep bass undertone. In Submachine Universe the ambient is the same heard in the quiet rooms.


001 attic map sub4

Wiq attic map


  • The Sub4 ambient of this location is also used in Tortuga 1 and 2, two games also created by Mateusz Skutnik.
  • Naphthalene - the small white spheres found in the pocket of the lab coat - are later used with other items to create the acidic oxide. Additionally, most people know them to be common household mothballs.

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