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001 (Sub4), 966 + wiq (SubVerse)

The Attic is the second area of gameplay in Submachine 4: The Lab (accessible from the rooftop) and is also found in Submachine Universe.


The attic is made of wooden beams and cross-sections. The floor is also made of wood panels. To the left a table sits by a door to the research base. To the right of the door is a set of drawers and a key on a keyhook.

In Sub4, the middle part of the attic contains a ladder leading up to a broken window giving access to the rooftop. In the Submachine Universe the ladder is missing.

At the base of the ladder is a lab coat that contains napthalene in Sub4.

To the right of the lab coat is a chimney and a gramophone. The rightmost room contains an ornate chair, a radio, and a stand for wisdom gems.

In the Submachine Universe the door leading downstairs is replaced with a layer door that leads to a defense system corridor.


In Sub4, the attic's ambient consists of creaking floorboards with a deep bass undertone. In Submachine Universe the ambient is the sams as that heard in the quiet rooms.

Map of The AtticEdit

001 attic map sub4

Wiq attic map


  • The Sub4 ambient of this location is also used in Tortuga 1 and 2, two games also created by Mateusz Skutnik.
  • Naphthalene - the small white spheres found in the pocket of the lab coat - are later used with other items to create the acidic oxide. Additionally, most people know them to be common household mothballs.

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