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Brainpower Theory (debunked)

Brainpower Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-01-21
Still alive 2009-04-25
Doubtful 2011-01-24
Debunked 2016-01-13

The basic concept is that the Submachine is set in the future and it is powered by Brainpower (also can be called Wisdom or Knowledge). It is a long and rather complicated theory once looked at in more detail. It is also one of the theories that is used briefly in Submachine Noob's Super-Theory:

So we know the first Submachine was built in the early 20th century, right? I think a basic prototype of a simple Submachine was built by a scientist (name is irrelevant), who wants to use the Submachine to train soldiers. The Submachine basically generates random virtual scenarios for soldiers to train in, but instead of the soldier moving around the Submachine, the Submachine moves around them. The Submachine is (as I quoted in the original thread) a "fluid virtual world".

Let's go forward a century or two. The year 2200 to be precise. Technology has moved a lot during the years, and a team of secret the scientists have been programming and using the Submachine. The world is at political unrest. In a very General Term, the world is divided between two superpowers, The East and The West. And when an ambassador in a neutral country is assassinated, general war breaks out. The world is driven apart. World War 4 has broken out (I won't tell you when World War 3 is, that would spoil the surprise :P)

50 years has passed, and the war is still happening. This is serious. Natural resources are scarce. The newest resource is a type of Plutonian crystal (we've traveled that far by now), that is found on some other planets as well. It conducts electricity and then projects it back, double the power of the energy originally put in. It's to do with the chemical inside the crystal that causes this to happen, but no one is really sure. Anyway, the gems wear out after time, so the race for these gems is spectacular. Then the team of scientists (they work for the West, by the way), decide to develop a Submachine that wraps itself around the world. It is inconspicuous, but it allows Western troops to teleport across the Submachine and get into the Eastern headquarters. This Submachine is powered by a series of crystals. This is the end of normal reality. This is the beginning of Submachine reality.

The East find out the plans for the Submachine, and use it to their own advantage. They build their own Submachine, including a huge lab, removed from time and space, where scientists can find out more about Submachines and build more technology. The war escalates to huge proportions, and the War takes place within the Submachine itself. Battling in random scenarios throughout time (the Submachine is timeless, and Eastern technology means parts of it can travel through time). And then the crystals start to run out, and the superpowers must quickly find a new source of power. So they use...

Knowledge. Pure brainpower creates enough energy to power tanks, missiles, etc. The West gets slaves and hostages, place them in parts of the Submachine, and force them to solve puzzles. The brainpower is picked up by the crystals and beamed back out in double the power. For some unexplained reason, the brainpower does not wear out the crystals like normal electricity does, so the crystals can continue to double the power put into the crystal, without the chemical responsible running out. The hunt for new resources is over. But now both superpowers are trying greedily to get more power, by using more people to solve the puzzles, and making the puzzles harder.

The East, however, have developed a special type of nuclear missile, powered by crystals, that is so powerful it will obliterate the whole of the Western force. With impending destruction coming for the West, Western scientists freeze the entire of their battlement in a stasis field, meaning time is temporarily frozen in there. The Field is powered by crystals, but the power is running out to power it, so the West take seven crystals and program them with Artificial Intelligence. Then they send the crystals back in time thousands of years, and program them with one purpose, to find more source of knowledge to use as power. The crystals end up in an Ancient Tribe, in what is now Kent. This tribe finds the crystals, inside a metal pod, and is amazed by them. The crystals telepathically teach them all new types of technology, and makes the tribe build a huge structure. This structure is The Loop, a mirror Submachine (meaning the rooms go on forever), removed from the rest of time and space. Once the tribe has built the Loop, the crystals are placed inside the Loop, to power it. But the crystals betray them, and feed the entire tribe into the Loop. The tribe are placed in an infinite metallic world, having to solve puzzles. While they solve the puzzles. the brainpower gives enough power to the crystals to put the last part of their plan into place. The "Ancient Section" and the Loop are made part of the futuristic Submachine, and the tribe is made to keep on solving puzzles until they die of starvation or thirst.

The crystals come back, the stasis field disabled and the missile destroyed using an energy beam. But now the West has more power, they decide to send another three crystals, programmed with AI, to the 21st Century, to get more power and knowledge. The ultimate desire of the West now is Knowledge. Knowledge is Power (in a very literal case). And not only do they need the humans' minds to power the Submachine, they need their imagination and creativity (their 'soul', if you wish to call it that) to find out new ways to destroy the Eastern force, who are scientifically superior because of the fact that they have the Lab.

So the crystals are sent to the 21st century. The AI in the crystals decide to be more subtle in their power supply, to prevent causing a paradox. They hack themselves into the internet system, and create a game under the name 'Submachine'. Whoever plays the game solves enough puzzles and uses enough brainpower to be teleported inside the real Submachine, and forced to solve even more puzzles. This system is very effective, and thousands of people are being taken into the Submachine, sometimes without the subjects even realizing...

Mur, Liz, Einstein and you have a part to play in all of this.


A list of the locations of the Submachine, with descriptions that tie into the theory.

THE ROOT - The original Submachine, created in the early 20th century, which is the very heart of the Submachine.

THE LAB - The East's huge cross-dimensional lab, used by scientists to find out ways of outsmarting the West. It is so huge that you need large teleporters to take people across the different dimensions of the Lab.

THE LOOP - The West's source of energy. A mirror Submachine with puzzles inside, that the subject solves and uses brainpower. This power is picked up by the crystals and stored as energy.

THE ANCIENT SECTION - The original home of the tribe. It still has a wisdom gem or two buried around there. It also has a few basic defense systems and large pan-dimensional teleporters, in the form of statues.

THE LIGHTHOUSE - Built on the ruins of the Ancient Section, this is where the rift between the 21st century and the Submachine is. A few Western scientists visit here to observe life in the 21st century.

THE BASEMENT - A location that is not real, more of a virtual portal, in the format of an internet game, that is powered by Brainpower. Once the subject has used enough brainpower whilst playing the game to power the portal, then the subject is teleported directly into the Submachine to be used as an energy source, usually in a place like the Loop.

THE DEFENSE SYSTEMS - Reached using the corridors, these defense systems are the edge of the Submachine. It is where battleships and planes are sent across the Submachine to fight with the Enemy. Both superpowers have defense systems.

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