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Basement (area)

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529, 596, 672, 947

The basement is an area of the Subnet containing multiple locations. It is the main premise for Submachine 1: The Basement and also makes an appearance in Submachine 4: The Lab and Submachine 10: The Exit. Further appearances occur in the Submachine Universe.


The basic basement structure is a simple room with paneled walls and a simple paneled floor. Basement locations often contain pipes that house varying types of liquids. These pipes provide an energy source for all the equipment found in different sections of the basement. However, the pipes are relatively fragile, and they have broken down on multiple occasions, causing an energy loss. Fortunately, some of the energy can leap short distances.

All sorts of different machines, from elevators to clocks can be found inside the basement locations.


The basement was created by the Subnet itself from scratch. This process is still on-going.[1] This seemingly happens by creating a green outline of the room, and filling it with texture.



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