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The basement exit is a location the player visits briefly in Submachine 1: The Basement and extensively in Submachine 10: The Exit.


This location is a circular platform situated on a cliff. The platform's floor and walls are made of bricks that come in two colors closely representing teal. On this platform, there are many screens that would have given the illusion that the player is beside the ocean after exiting the basement for the first time in Submachine 1, but they are cracked and old by the time they visit them in Submachine 10. A karma portal has been exposed in the middle screen, and it leads to and from the lighthouse dungeon. Along with these screens are two yellow lights connected to a machine which runs on karma energy as well as the tunnel to the elevator which brought the player to this room in Submachine 1.

The player cannot walk all the way around this platform, as it is separated on one side by a karma portal. This karma portal, when restored with the karma stabiliser, leads to a tile room.

In Sub10, if the player takes the elevator they will arrive at the infernal basement.


The player visited this area briefly before transporting to the lighthouse in Submachine 2. In Sub10 the player returns before taking an elevator to the infernal basement.


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  • This is one of two locations in the Submachine series that is portrayed in a "3D" style. The succession of rooms is meant to imitate a circle rather than a straight line. The other location to show this trait is the metal box room, which arranges rooms in a square pattern.

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