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The bells are a recurring element within the Submachine series. They appear along with cubes that float in accordance with each bell being rung.


Bells are made of two main parts. The upper part contains the bell itself on a mount that either floats or is connected to a ceiling. The bottom part is a simple teal stand with a small cube resting on top.

When rung, the bell triggers the movement of the small cube, which can either float above the stand or return to rest on the stand.

Submachine 9Edit

In Submachine 9 the bells are made of brass and do not accompanying cubes. They are mounted freely in two wooden ceilings.


Bells are used to conceal/allow access to different items depending on which state the cubes are in.


Submachine 1: The BasementEdit

Bells sub1

The bells in Submachine 1.

In Sub1, the bells are part of a puzzle that is solved to acquire Tile D, one of the tiles needed to beat the game. In all versions of the game, the puzzle can be solved by hitting the bells until all the cubes are floating.

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

In Sub4, four bells are scattered throughout the map. They are found in the Lab, the ship, the second tomb, and the ancient section. Once all four bells are rung, a secret becomes available at the lighthouse digouts.

Submachine 9: The TempleEdit

Bells sub9

The two bells, located in the two "towers" of the Temple.

In Sub9, two brass bells appear in the towers on opposite sides of the temple. The bells can be rung with the hammer, and doing so causes a secret to appear in the pyramid.

Submachine 10: The ExitEdit

In Sub10, the four bell puzzle from the basement is revisited, with the hidden door open and the four cubes lying on the ground, which are used in Level X to obtain a secret. The bells make the same SFX as from Submachine 1 when rung, but do nothing otherwise.

Submachine UniverseEdit

404 bell ring

The central bell in 404.

The bells in the second tomb, the ancient section and the research base make reappearances in their original locations from Sub4.

404 features the bells prominently, including a theory related to them and a total of four separate bells. Two are functional and raise individual cubes (as in Submachine 4), one is functional and will temporarily disable the portal by removing the orb on top of it, and one is lying broken on the ground after having been dislodged by a karma portal.



  • The symbol seen on most of the cube stands is similar to the tengwar glyphs unque and anca, comparable to the letters v and f, respectively. [1]
  • As the bells appear in Submachine 1 and Submachine 4, the sounds they make are the frequencies 395, 550, 180, and 430 Hz, respectively. Despite the many bells that appear in the Submachine Universe, every one makes the same sound with a frequency of 395Hz. This was also changed for the HD version of Sub4.



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