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Ashton Siyer Ashton Siyer 14 January 2021


New to this wiki, and to wikia in general (apart from just viewing) so I thought I'd ask a few things.

  1. how do you get to the blog post from the main page?
  2. In the design discussion page (the one you get to by clicking the submachine title at the top), do you edit the sections to add a comment?
  3. Is the discord server still live? I tried a few links I've found in a few different places but they all are invalid
  4. Any other general things I might not know are all welcome, as I'm fairly new to fandom communities and the editing code etc

Thank you for your help in advance

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Jatsko Jatsko 31 January 2018

2018 Wiki Theme Ideas


Hi all,

In light of there being a new year and the fact that Submachine Universe HD (Flash) was updated for the last time in December 2017, I thought it would be a good idea to look at a different theme for the Wiki. I've picked out four candidates from enlarged screens of some of the more recent updates. I also included previews with approximate matching colors and I'm willing to do the work to make all the necessary changes.

Something to note is that the wordmark is different for each one. I made designs up as I went along; tell me if you like them or want them to change to better fit each theme.

The previews of the images are below, as well as a link to the imgur post to get more details about the suggested wor…

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Jatsko Jatsko 23 December 2017

Motion to Delete Walkthrough Pages

Hi all,

As you've probably noticed, I edit here a lot. But what I can say with 100% certainty is that I have almost never touched the game walkthrough pages on this Wiki, because honestly I can't be bothered to spend time making sure they're correct.

But now I think I've finally made up my final opinions on them, and I think they should go.

The Submachine Wiki is a place of information about the games, but a Wiki is not a website that holds your hand and shows you explicitly step-by-step how to beat the games. We aim to describe as best as possible and that's it. Other websites can be responsible as they have been for years for providing walkthroughs and the like, but that's not the purpose of the Wiki. It's not WikiHow.

I'm not sure really wh…

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ChryoyoYT ChryoyoYT 8 December 2017

Story of Time

The events of Submachine are being put on a timeline! Join in on the fun and make suggestions, comment, and more! To help work on this, send your email address to me asking to join! Thanks! Enjoy!

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ChryoyoYT ChryoyoYT 6 December 2017

A Story of My Depression

this was deleted because i felt it looked like i wanted to talk about my self

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MorrisDay1999 MorrisDay1999 15 October 2017

First Blog? WHY?!


They say the early bird catches the worm. Why they don't have a saying like that for night owls, I don't know, but here I am anyway, just to say hi. Just started phase 2 of 3 of my plan. I will be initiating revising and proofreading soon. But there is one crucial thing I need: feedback. There are 3 ways you can send me feedback:

  • Leave a message on my message wall for Wiki
  • DM me in the Pastel Forums
  • Leave a comment on my theories thread in Pastel Forums

One thing is for certain, you need to be specific as to which theory you are describing when giving me feedback. Either thatm or do something easier: Just leave the title of said theory at the top of your feedback. Thank you for reading this

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The808tribe The808tribe 21 April 2017

Back On The Wiki (soon)

I have taken a hiatus from the sub wiki, and I need to come back and get down to working. I have been so caught up with school, I haven't been able to devote as much time to my beloved game series, and the wonderful sub community. I'm really excited to get up and running on this wiki again sometime in the very near future! I also have some theories in the works, so stay tuned.

Best Regards, 


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Leo64 Leo64 2 April 2017

Hello Everyone!


I wanted to share with this community something I've been working on for several weeks, I'm a game developer and I study Unity, Blender, C# programming and several other computer science fields; and I been working on a tribute project of Submachine The Basement, I write this blog post to inquire for someone who wants to act as a Alpha and Beta tester for this, I hope to show my project to Mr. Skutnik but first I want to be sure of having something reliable and I find that this wiki is the best source of constructive crticism, so, please, if someone can help me with testing my project, leave a comment. I know this is so cliche but I can't directly post the keys to access a build in a post because I want to know who is going to use the ke…

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Thekarmamover Thekarmamover 16 February 2017


test test test blog

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The808tribe The808tribe 12 October 2016

A Theory, and an Ambient

Just a quick update on my progress so far... 

Here are some of my completed projects:

- One of my theories (spent a good four hours writing this one),_and_the_Submachine.

- A Submachine Inspired Ambient

A view of what I want to have done by the end of October:

- Another Theory (haven't decided what to write about yet)

- At least four more ambients

- A piece of fan art 

- Weekly updates on my blog (every Friday, or Saturday)

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The808tribe The808tribe 11 October 2016

First Day On the Wiki!

Hello everybody! If you would like to know more about me, please take a look at my profile page: [1]. It's my first day "on the job" so to speak, and I'll be making some edits here, and there. Expect some more in depth content in the coming weeks.

Thanks, and have a good day/night.

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Rever Man Rever Man 30 August 2015

About the timeline...

How some events (like the deat of Mur and when Sub 7 take place) are related?

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Fotis.salonikios1 Fotis.salonikios1 25 August 2015

Submachine in real life

for some years i was wondering about the Submachine, it's real? it's based on something?

possibly not, some locations are not real, but some are, i think, The research base is real? The Root? 

i guess that the Root is a facility hidden in a mountain, but what about the other locations? 

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IBM IBM 9 November 2014


fa*k moder es hit'd mah brin

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WorldisQuiet5256 WorldisQuiet5256 1 October 2014

Really? Just....Really?

There is no direct mention anywhere in the game of this character reaching the 8th layer, descending into madness, keeping a black dossier or anything else you keep adding to the page. All of that info comes from you and your theories which are, again, not part of the Submachine canon. Keep your theories on your theories page. Keep this page for official information only.

Fucka me, but I'm locking this page. I'll unlock it when you're ready to discuss this like an adult.- Quote:Mordikai wartwunson 05:42, October 1, 2014 (UTC)

Granted I'll give him that last bit, but I'm sorry. Now your on my Radar Pal, and the Pastel Forum Radar as Well.

Quote: Pastel Forum, and Submachine Wiki Member Error_3113

"As long as MS doesn't confirm it wrong, then it'…

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Strawhat Neo Strawhat Neo 3 April 2014

My Talk Page Rules


Please read this blog first before posting on my Talk Page. I wanted to

Rules and Guidelines:

  • First of all, please make a header of your post. Headers should be the topic or the title of your post. To make a header, click the "format" drop down menu and click the "heading 2". It will make a line that separates the title/topic and your message.
  • Please be Polite.
  • Avoid using foul words.
  • Do not ever use my talk page just to post anything just to earn a badge or points.
  • If you have any suggestion or comments, feel free to post it!
  • Please do not ever Spam. Spam is considered vandalism.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to post it on my talk page.
  • If you requested something or ask a question, please wait until I reply. I always reply in your Tal…
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StoneInfinity StoneInfinity 17 December 2013


Most of my theories are about Sub0 and sidealong adventures. They are hunches that could use some edits. Thanks!

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Rebane2001 Rebane2001 31 October 2013

First post

[30.10.2013] Facebook chat with Mateusz Skutnik: "Great, come back when you have 100%."

[29.10.2013] Hint: Super secret (settings???)

[28.10.2013] I have a suprise, that you'll see later. Check my wiki page, suprise coming soon!!!


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Lorre R1 Lorre R1 2 May 2013

Category-Adding Spam

I just went on a trip through the AllPages list, adding categories that were missing from articles, adding a few articles to the Stubs list, and even deleting a few misplaced categories.

Sorry if it took up the Wiki Activity page, it was something I had been wanting to get out of the way to clean up the wiki a bit, making sure everything is in its right place.

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Lorre R1 Lorre R1 12 April 2013

Sub9 Fan Soundtrack: Full album download!

It is complete! After many weeks of working on it, I have completed all the songs in my Submachine 9: The Temple Fan Soundtrack. Download it here: [1]

Download includes:

  • 15 songs (13 main songs, 2 bonus tracks)
  • A readme with information, credits, and Special Thanks
  • A special Sub9-based short story written to accompany the soundtrack

Please download and enjoy! Any feedback would be appreciated, but more importantly, if there's a problem with the download or one of the tracks PLEASE tell me so I can fix it.


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Lorre R1 Lorre R1 5 April 2013

Wikia keeps logging me out WTH?

I keep getting booted out of being logged in on Wikia for no apparent reason. That's why everything is being alternately edited by "Lorre R1" and "A Wikia contributor" lately - I'll be logged in perfectly fine on one page, then I click a link to another page and suddenly I'm logged out. I made sure to click "stay logged in" when I logged in, but that doesn't help either.

Wikia is seriously pissing me off with this. Is this happening to anyone else?

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FedericoF FedericoF 4 April 2013

Fan art page

Just so you know, I created a "fan art article" on a section of my user page where you can add all your fanfic stories, songs, all related to the Submachine series.

So far, me and Lorre R1 added fan drawings and songs, and I found from the darkest places of this wiki a humorous a parody of a Beatle's song called Yellow Submachine, which I added on a section page of the author. :P

The idea is that this page grows more and more with your help. If you already had drawings related to the series, upload them there, and if you have your own Submachine stories, create them on a section of your user page, if for example your user name is Murtaugh, you should create it like this: User:Murtaugh/The Whereabouts of the Four Teams or if you want, add them …

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ICB Penguin ICB Penguin 20 March 2013

...and Hello!

I'm back! I used to be EnergyStar, but now I am ICB_Penguin! The mighty Eye of Wisdom shall lead me through the afterlife! (Okay, now that's just silly.) Hello, anyway!

Anyway, I need to say this: Have you ever played the game Spore? You create a creature, and it rises from single-celled form to a fully-fledged animal, to a civilized race, to galactic domination. But, this seems to mirror the history of the subnet. The single-celled creature (aka the Root) was introduced, and it grew in a controlled form until it grew a brain (beginning of the Outer Rim). Then it grew and evolved until it became self-aware (SubNet Defense systems). It realized that growing just led to more entry points for the subnet. So it developed the Edge to keep itself…

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EnergyStar EnergyStar 20 March 2013


Just so everyone knows, I am leaving, and moving all my things to a new account.


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Lorre R1 Lorre R1 1 December 2012

Submachine Fan Soundtrack - 3 Tracks Now Available!

(Hit "Read More" to be able to click the links.) Okay, even though I said I wouldn't upload any tracks from my Submachine fan soundtrack until I had 5 done, I got impatient and uploaded 3. The links to them are at the bottom of this post.

As you might notice, I decided to make a prospective soundtrack for Submachine 9 instead of just a random Submachine. These songs are just my ideas of some ambients that could play at points in the game. Obviously they're nowhere near the quality of Thumpmonks, but I had fun making them. :)

The logo in the videos was made by me. All of the tracks are available to download - the links are in their respective video descriptions.

Memories of the Basement

The Temple

Temple Entrance

Well, I hope you enjoy them. I'll…

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Lorre R1 Lorre R1 28 November 2012

Submachine Fan Soundtrack

An idea that's been nagging me for a long time, yet I never really got around to doing, is the creation of a fan soundtrack for an imaginary Submachine game. (Let's call it Submachine 15: I Wish.) Now, I'm finally getting around to working on the songs. I'm used to creating melodic music, given that I mostly compose for the piano, but I have a deep love for ambient music, so it's not too far of a stretch to write some little ambients.

Though, today I found out that RuloCore had already made a Submachine fan soundtrack, and a really lovely one at that! Hopefully whatever I write won't sound like crap after theirs.

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-NeroZero-BR -NeroZero-BR 23 November 2012

It's A Blog Post!

Now, have you ever noticed how the Submachine always seem to mutate itself after each chapter, so that our perception of such universe changes every time?

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FedericoF FedericoF 29 September 2012

Capitalization in the names of articles

I don't know if you agree, but I saw in many articles that they have unnecessary capitalizations in their titles. For example:

  • Submachine Notes should be renamed to "Submachine notes".
  • Forum Posts to "Forum posts".
  • Wisdom Gems to "Wisdom gems".
  • Items and Objects to "Items and objects" and so on.

We should change the titles of articles based on this. What do you think?

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FedericoF FedericoF 30 May 2012

Covert Front, a Submachine crossover?

Today I played the fourth game of Covert Front "The Spark of Life" (Another game series made by Mateusz Skutnik) and I found many direct references of Submachine. For example, when the main character, Kara, is "teleported" to Von Toten's study room and she opens the door, she realizes she is in a kind of mover.

Another clue is when the figure of Karl Von Toten disappears, the only thing left is a red chair very similar to the one seen in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse.

And at the entrance of the laboratory we can see a force field, like in Submachine 7: The Core.

In the scene when the game ends, Von Toten is working on a device that it looks like the one found in Submachine 3: The Loop.

And after Kara and Karl escape from the Germans, in the backg…

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Matthew C.K.C. Matthew C.K.C. 4 January 2012

Source Code test

Source code ref.

Heading 5

Heading 3

Normal text




Strike through

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  1. Point 1
  2. Point 2

Align Center

Align Right

Indent 1
Indent 2
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Submachineman Submachineman 30 September 2011

My forum account(?)

Recently i've been thinking about getting an account on Pastel Forums,beacuse i just wrote a theory yesterday (it's about how Mur might actually be a part of the submachine in a way), but im not yet sure.I mean, i'd pretty much just use it to write theories and not much else.I don't know, i guess i will...

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Submachineman Submachineman 13 September 2011

Keep up the good work

Just wanted to say that the submachine wiki looks more polished than a lot of other wikis, so thanks to all the contributers and admins that helped. Theres not gonna be that much news around here until we get some more rumors about submachine 8 for a while, so now would be a good time to go back and look a pages and correct the minor mistakes made, maybe make some more therioes. It's gonna be one of the only things to do for awhile, so now would be a good time to do it.

Also, sorry for not being on the wiki for awhile, been a little busy.

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Submachineman Submachineman 29 May 2011

Wiki Minecraft Server?

Hi,sorta new to wika, I'm trying to look for edits on the wiki.

I'm a dedicated submachine player and the game just rocked my feaking socks off when i played it.

Anyway, i was playing minecraft a couple days a go and though about submachine. what if this wiki got a server? theres gotta be at least one guy here who plays minecraft.

it sounds like a bit of a longshot (considering i have no knowledge on how to actually MAKE a server..), but then we could discuss the game while building a giant freaking castel with a lava moat XD. Some websites have already done this (minecraft fourms, FunnyJunk, Ect.), and i think we should kinda take a step in this direction.

Just a thought..

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MurandLiz MurandLiz 19 December 2010


I was over on the forms and at least two people like the ideal so far, but instead of it being a theory, I put it in with the ideals for sub 8.

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Toa Doublebee Toa Doublebee 9 June 2010


Hi Sub fans!

I think we will meet Liz in Sub7,Well maybe not meet here,But comunicate with her in somw way or onother.

Waja think?

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Murtaugh Murtaugh 2 January 2010

New Here

Hey everyone, I'm new here:

I Want to introduce myself, I'm Murtaugh (Wonder where I got that name from...), and I'm a Sub-Fan. Along with myself, I want to introduce some theories I have pondered about. I think that "The Core" is not a machine, but rather a being, although on its appearance I am indecisive. It might be related to the sphinx, as a LOT of clues would point to this. First off, throughout the whole Submachine series, it is obvious that ther are many references to mythical creatures, along with extinct religoins. Foremost of these is the Egyptian mythology. Secondly, In "The Lighthouse", The Player reads a note about Einstien the cat. In the note, Skutnik mentions that "Cats are capable of breaking the time and space barrier as…

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Hero of Carthage Hero of Carthage 11 December 2009

Hello! I'm new here! :)

Hello everyone! I'm a big fan of Submachine... & I would like to introduce myself... I'm Hero of Carthage ( I'm a history lover also ).

Well I'd just like to say that I think we need someone to make a article about the pasts involvements in the Sub series. For example in Sub 0 there is a Japanese, Medieval European, Mycean & ancient Egyptian influence! Not to mention the Sumerans/Babylonians influence in Sub 4 ( the statue with the missing arm & scepter ).  


Hero of Carthage 

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