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Captain's Ship

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The captain's ship is the second area the player visits in Submachine 10: The Exit. The ship is accessed once the player connects a ladder to the ship, and it can be explored once the player gives it power. The ship contains a karma portal to the angel ruins.


The interior of the Captain's ship is made of metal plates, much like that of Liz's ship. However, the walls of this ship are painted green and the ship itself is noticeably dirtier. The metal plates are covered in green moss and cobwebs, and are starting to rust. Various telephones installed on the walls are also beginning to corrode. The ship is made of circular modules connected by tunnels.


The ship contains a panel that, when the player puts in a triple A battery from the karma studies facility, opens up the door to the S3C area in the S.H.I.V.A. override section of the defense system corridors.

The ship also contains a hatch that can only be opened once the player inserts an ID card, which can be found at the top of the lighthouse. Beyond the hatch is a note and a portable light crown, which can be placed with a portable light crown converter in the right slot at the top of the lighthouse. In this part of the ship, a mechanism can be found that to calls the ladder used to access the Northern Garden docks, should it be moved out of position from underneath the ship.

On the left part of the ship, a room is equipped with a scope and 3 levers. Similar to the mover in Submachine 5: The Root, if the player pushes the levers forward, each will show a light in the scope pointing a 3-dimensional space. The levers will show the X, Y, and Z axis respectively.


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  • The axis levers are not needed to solve any puzzle in the game.
  • A patch for Submachine 10 had to be released as the original release did not have the ladder call mechanism. Without this in place, players could potentially force the game into an irreversible dead end route by moving the ladder out from underneath the ship in the docks location, and then using the one-way portal found in the lighthouse tower leading to Level X and back to the ship via the angel ruins.

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