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This is a list of characters that appear or are otherwise known to exist in the Submachine series.


Ancient section exploration team (ASET)[]

A group of people that were hired by the Lab to explore the ancient section. Their greatest success was finding the brick room. They are presumed dead.


Basement section exploration team (BSET)[]

The basement exploration team had multiple members. Their mission was to destroy the orb in which they failed. They maintained contact once with the ASET.


Creator of the first Submachine[]

The creator was the person mentioned by Mateusz Skutnik in one of his forum posts. He is a "nice guy" if Mateusz is to be believed.

Here is the part of the post where Mateusz mentions : "[]...How did it all start? who was the creative genius that made these sub constructions possible? I know him, I met him myself. Quite a nice guy by the way."



Einstein is described by Murtaugh as a cat that can break the barriers of space and time.


Friend and correspondent to Murtaugh while he was living in the lighthouse.


Group of scientists (the Root)[]

The people who made the first Submachine (The Root) around 1904. Their work developed the self-replication and expansion of submachines, which was a primary factor in triggering the Collapse.


Henry O'Toole[]

The man who built the Kent Lighthouse in 1857. Henry O'Toole is the first and only person in the Submachine series to have a known surname.


Lab scientists[]

The people who left the lab note. They were colleagues of Murtaugh and members of the research base.



A male character with abilities to control the energy source known as karma. Murtaugh lost his arm in Kent around 1905, but discovered a third karma arm soon after. His extreme focus on his experiments and apparent disregard for others made others view him as a sociopath. He also worked as a lighthouse keeper and directed activities at the research base and karma studies facility.



The player, whose name and appearance is unknown, is the character that the player is in the Submachine series. The player's past is unknown. The player is supposedly hired by Murtaugh due to having prior experience with wisdom gems. The player follows in the footsteps of Murtaugh and Elizabeth throughout the entire main series of games.


Ship exploration team (SET)[]

This team had multiple members and they were all trained under Murtaugh. Their mission was to access the upper deck of the ship. They are most likely all dead since their last plan for success involved explosives.

Someone who left the loop note[]

This person had been in the loop and suffered amnesia while figuring out how to use the compass.


Sub-bots are submachine's inhabitants and monitors. They are not strictly people, but they are referenced a few times and bear a slightly human appearance.


Sunshine_bunnygirl_17 is an explorer who suffered mental blocks after failing to solve some of the puzzles laid out by Murtaugh.

She was eventually rescued by Murtaugh, who brought her to live in the first layer, where she now takes care of Einstein.


Tomb trap exploration team (TTET)[]

An exploration team that reportedly visited the 32 chambers and might have only consisted of one member.


Ward patients[]

Patients that left behind scraps of paper when trying to escape the memory bank in Submachine: Future Loop Foundation and Submachine: FLF. The scraps of paper are believed to have been door labels to confinement cells where they woke up with total amnesia. The player in these two games plays as presumably one of these "patients".

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