Charge coils

The charger is a device used to charge uncharged coils.

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

529 charger

The basement section contains a "newer" version of the charger. It does not require hand power to function like its predecessor in Submachine 5, but uses electrical power to charge the coil (working like a transformer).

Submachine 5: The RootEdit

Charger sub5

Submachine 5 charger.

The actual name "charger" appears in the notes on entering the charger room.

This is an old version of the charger, seeing that it is hand powered and rusted like the rest of the backgrounds of the Root. The player must put the coil on to the elevated part and rotate the wheel three times to fully charge the coil. This was changed to only one rotation in the release of Sub5 HD.

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