Charger Room


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The charger room is a location in Submachine 5: The Root.


Nothing specific can be said about this room's history. It was probably created together with the Root and had transporters installed.


The area exhibits typical Root architecture with red-orange bricks all around. This location can be divided into two areas:

Upper areaEdit

This part contains the transporter. To the left, there is a chamber which contains the second cipher plate. This room also has a chair and three pipes that look like they could be used for communication.

Cipher plate 2

The second cipher plate is found in this room.

Lower areaEdit

The lower part of the area is home to an old charger. This can be used to charge a coil. In the SD version of Submachine 5, it takes 3 turns to fully charge a coil, but in the HD version it only takes 1 turn to full charge a coil.

Charger sub5

The charging device.


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