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Change time state

The chronon is an area in Submachine 6: The Edge that can manipulate time.


Someone attached the tunnels and the Chronon together with a pipe.

In Submachine 6, the player takes advantage of this time-manipulative feature to break the steel box and acquire the connection pod that was placed within.


The Chronon is related to Egyptian culture as evidenced by the hieroglyphs on the walls. The Chronon may have been a temple to Thoth, the Egyptian god who invented the hieroglyphs according to Egyptian mythology as there is a carved image of Thoth on the wall.

There is a round stone in the Chronon which can be turned around. This stone has an hourglass prominently carved into it. Spinning the wheel will cause the chamber at the very end of the area to alternate between two states. The first state is that of a derelict and aged chamber while the second state is a brand new chamber. It is thus inferred that the round stone manipulates time within the chamber.


Chronon map.png


  • If the round stone with the hourglass carving is turned to the position where the Chronon is in the aged state, the player can leave the area, go through the tunnels, and find one of the secret locations on the cliffs which has a carving in the wall of Thoth and information about him when his name, in hieroglyphics, is clicked.
  • A chronon is a proposed quantum of time, that is, a discrete and indivisible "unit" of time as part of a theory that proposes that time is not continuous.
  • When the Chronon is in it's 'damaged' state and the room appears old, moss appears along the walls and some on the floor. This is one of the few examples of flora in the Subnet.

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