Citric Acid Room


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The citric acid room is a room in Submachine 5: The Root.


Citric acid molecule

A skeletal formula showing the structure of citric acid, C6H8O7. Notice the three carboxyl groups and the hydroxyl group.

This location contains bricks characteristic of the Root. From the transporter the player can descend a metal ladder into a strip of rooms with grey floors and walls made of stone slabs. Moving to the right a socket for a coil sits in an alcove next to a chair. A communication pipe can also be seen.

The two rightmost rooms feature 6 pipes that can be swung around. A bathtub is made of plates of two different shades, on which an orange metal plate is mounted that reads C6H8O7 x H2O (citric acid times water). This tub is filled presumably with this acid and can be used to dissolve a metal box. It can then be drained to reveal a wisdom gem.

In Submachine 10: The Exit this location is revisited. The transporter is broken by a karma portal leading to the iron pyramid. The coil socket has a light sphere on top of it. The rightmost room contains a broken sub-bot and the extra plates can be shifted to reveal a rusted handle in the wall. When pulled a ladder descends unlocking two more rooms that make up the ceiling of the area. Another karma portal in the root bricks leads to the root base.

In Submachine 10 the lights have been replaced with lights of a slightly different shape that glow with a warmer yellow than those in Submachine 5.


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