Positive coil

Power machinery

The coil is a recurring item in the Submachine series. Coils are used to power a variety of machinery throughout the Subnet.

Submachine 2: The LighthouseEdit

Positive coilNegative coil In Sub 2 there are two coils that make up one of the five power sources of the lighthouse portal. They differ from each other in that they are colored differently; the positive coil is red and the negative coil is blue.

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

Charged coil sub4

The coil in Submachine 4 has multiple uses.

529 charger

The charger used to power up coils in Submachine 4.

In the research base, there is a mechanical pump-like machine that has a secret hidden in it. The machine can only be opened with the aid of the coil.

104 floodlight

The floodlight in action.

The laser requires two coil-fulls of energy to be powered up. This gives it the power to destroy the Orb.

The ancient section exploration team had taken a empty coil with them and left it in the ancient section. The original mission of the coil was to power the floodlight in the ancient section, which the player is able to do in-game.

Submachine 5: The RootEdit

Empty coil

A coil also has multiple uses in Sub 5.

There are three screens in (0,2) that, when a coil is placed in a stand in (1,0), are lit up with the runes needed to access another area in the root.

A container in (2,0) that holds a secret can be opened when the coil is placed in a stand in (0,0).

(0,2) runes

The runes in Sub5.

Secret box sub5

The coil-powered storage of a secret in Sub5.

Submachine 8: The PlanEdit

Energy coil An energy coil is found in Sub 8 and powers a beamer in layer 2.

Submachine 10: The ExitEdit

Two different kinds of coils appear in Submachine 10:

  • Energy coil The initial coil is obtained from the beamer at the Dock, and is used in the temple to unlock a portal stabiliser.
  • Plasma coil Two plasma coils can be found in different places - one obtained after solving the puzzle in Level X and the other after using the karma stabiliser in the Winter Palace. Both are used in the metal section to activate a ladder, which provides access to the lighthouse tower.

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