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Power machinery

The coil is a recurring item in the Submachine series. Coils are used to power a variety of machinery throughout the Subnet.

Submachine 2: The Lighthouse[]

Positive coil.pngNegative coil.png In Sub 2 there are two coils that make up one of the five power sources of the lighthouse portal. The positive coil is red and the negative coil is blue.

Submachine 4: The Lab[]

Charged coil sub4.png

The coil in Submachine 4 has multiple uses. However, a coil of this type must be charged first before it is of any use.

One unique feature of this coil is its capability to be recharged and used repeatedly.

The charger used to power up coils in Submachine 4.

A few of this fuse's uses are:

  • In the research base, it opens a mechanical pump-like machine that has a secret hidden in it.
  • The laser requires two coil-fulls of energy to be powered up, giving it enough juice to destroy the Orb.
  • The ancient section exploration team had taken an empty coil with them and left it in the ancient section. The original mission of the coil was to power the floodlight in the ancient section, which the player is able to do in-game.

The floodlight in action.

Submachine 5: The Root[]

In Sub5-SD, three times around is what it takes. In Sub 5-HD though, one good turn is enough to max-out the coil's charge.

Empty coil.png

A coil also has multiple uses in Sub 5.

However, a coil of this type must be charged first before it is of any use.

Both unpowered and powered rune displaying monitors.

When a charged coil is placed in a stand in (1,0), the three round displays located in (0,2) will light up, showing the runes needed to access another area in the root.

The runes in Sub5.

When the player places a charged coil in the stand in (0,0), the usually-darkened power indicator on this wall mounted device in (2,0) lights up green. After the player then presses the button on the left hand side of the device, the doors slide open revealing a secret.

The coil-powered device that holds one of the five secrets hidden in Sub5.

Submachine 8: The Plan[]

Energy coil.png In Submachine 8, the coil found in Layer 1 powers the beamer in layer 2.

Submachine 10: The Exit[]

Two different kinds of coils appear in Submachine 10:

  • Energy coil.png An ordinary coil is obtained from the beamer at the Dock, and is used in the temple to unlock a portal stabiliser.
  • Plasma coil.png Two plasma coils can be collected: one after solving the puzzle in Level X, and the other located on the Little island. Both are used in the metal section to lower the ladder, allowing access to the lighthouse tower.

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