Computer sub4


Computers are devices found in the Subnet.


The computers found in the sub-net are easily operable, and function a lot like our computers.

The Player can write with a keyboard, and one can turn the machine on with a press of a button.


The first computers used in the research base seem to have functioned with simple command lines. It is not known who made these computers, but there is a chance that the humans made them because they are only found in the lab.

The known old computers in the Subnet seem to have featured at least a kind of a instant messaging program. These computers also had applications that allowed sending documents to each other to be printed. This type of computer was used by the lab in the past. Mur's computer has the same set-up as the old computer, starting the messages with (@mur) and (@lab). When the Player goes into Mur's communications room in the Submachine Universe the display is black and white, unlike the other computers that are green and black.

In the newer models that the Lab uses in Sub5, there are similar applications, with graphical enhancements such as video files. However, printing is yet to be demonstrated.

The Edge has computers of its own. These are simple round monitors which can be interacted with directly, like touch-screen devices. Some control various functions of the defense system, and a few even contain theories from explorers. One rare device has white text compared to green, much like Murtaugh's. They should not be confused with the terminals found there as well.

The most sophisticated computer in the Subnet is an artificial intelligence named S.H.I.V.A. Its physical structure, made of large concrete orbs and thick cables, is based in the S.H.I.V.A. access point and stretches to the Edge, the Winter Palace, and the stabilizer bay.

Smaller computer monitors can also be found in the royal storage facilities and the metal section.



  • The IP address of the Submachine 4 computer is and in real life belongs to the US Naval Ocean Systems Center.

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