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Abandoned Engineering Facility Theory (debunked)

Abandoned Engineering Facility Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-02-10
Still alive 2009-03-15
Likely 2011-01-30
Doubtful 2012-11-18
Debunked 2016-01-13

Uhm I'll stay away from words like "dimensions" and similar. Submachine seems a pretty consistent world and I've always thought I was teleporting between real places and not dimensions. And about the habitat, I agree it doesn't seems a pretty comfortable place, but if scientists who built Submachine knew how to teleport, it would be also easy to teleport objects. So I think that place was inhabitated long before; I really can't think such a big structure was made only to amuse the alone player (that could be true even for The Loop); it has only been reused that way, but the original aspect was kinda different imho.

And what were those people doing in there? From what I can see there are a lot of machines; I think some scientists found a strange form of energy (that lately assumed the form of "Wisdom Gem") and they were doing experiments on it with mechanical, chemical and electrical equipments (that was especially in The Lab); probably something went wrong and they left or they simply went to another Submachine we have not seen by now (S32 perhaps). Some Submachines (like Lighthouse) seems to have had residential use instead. Obviously when people abandoned those quarters, they left only a little part of the items they had (ie radio, chairs or similar).

About the player's rule, it's only a rat in a (very big) cage.

I've never seen an Energy Coil like the one used in the game, but it seems similar to WGs (let me also say another technical thing; it's kinda strange that a source of energy is also a source of light, since that would mean it is consuming energy; an efficient source of energy should do just the opposite thing). And I agree that Wisdom Gem were known even before the built of the Root; what I'm supposing is that Submachines were built after some scientists knew their existence , to test and maybe to recreate them in form of energy coil. Energy Coil also seems more powerful than WGs; you need 3 WGs to move an elevator (standard power is 350 watts); instead you need 2 Energy Coil to alimentate a laser (to cut things you need at least 2000 watts). However this could mean nothing since what's important is the energy in Joule so we should know when we should throw a Wisdom Gem in the bin (I'm really not into inexhaustible source of energy) to make a more accurate confrontation.

Maybe some scientists learned to use this new form of energy and they developed a way to teleport. The first prototype was the one in the root; since it was an old version it needed wires and worked with a mechanical cipher. A new version of the teleporter is in the Loop and it seemingly was needed to go always on another room with coordinates 0-0 on the compass. Murtaugh came to know this researches years later (he is now 31, I think, so he was born much after the creation of the first Submachine), and he (or one of his assistants) built that new (wireless) version that need to input 3 coordinates. When a research team finds a new location they put one of this teleporters in there to access those locations in any moment (especially from the lab 0-0-1). From what we have seen by now, Mur is only doing a work that is similar to a modern archeologist, putting together clues about all the Submachines built by now, and now the player is part of his team (he can't do anything else, since he's also trapped at the moment). Mur sure came to know something of the "Submachine" project, since in the Lab it is said he found "one third" of the Submachines (so he knows how many there are).

Contiguous Sectoral Building Theory (debunked)

Contiguous Sectoral Building Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-02-10
Doubtful 2009-05-02
Still alive 2011-01-30
Debunked 2012-11-18

That could mean they were actually built near each other as part of a project someone was working on. Or if they couldn't build some new facilities, they actually buried existing constructions (like Lighthouse and maybe Ship). That's maybe when Mur, that had a lot of psychological problems before that (maybe he is the patient you control in FLF), came to know about Submachines. Since all of this constructions are underground and some time passed it is really difficult to access those at time being; Mur is actually at the head of the archeologists and obviously he needs some time to configure portals and such. It is possible that all Submachines are near each other, since teleport doesn't seem to be with unlimited range (it was only the range of a wire in Root or 1 room in Loop)

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