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Drop Zone

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Old updates of Submachine Universe
Data location
Sub warp loader, below REV size

The drop zone was a term presented in the sub warp loader in past versions of the Submachine Universe. It was seen when the player teleported between XYZ locations, along with the REV size of the location and a loading bar at the bottom of the screen.

A drop zone was the number of the room the player lands in inside a given location. It was almost always designated as room number 1 (logically the first room one usually starts with at that location), thus the "drop zone" was usually 1 for each location. However there were some exceptions. For example:

  • 2 for 185, 596, 712, 747 and 966
  • 3 for 043, 104, 304, 462, 553 and 580
  • 4 for 000, 523, 728 and 875
  • 5 for 103
  • 13 for 806
  • 17 for 552
  • 40 for 690
  • 57 for 757
  • 67 for 128.

Relatable quotes[]

“those are not zones. those are DROP zones. its written right there. you can't take one word and add time and come up with time zone. come on. drop zone is the area of landing inside a given location. most of them are in point 1, meaning room 1, but there are few locations that have different room numbers, hence the change in drop zone.”
Mateusz Skutnik in the PastelForum.


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