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Energy receivers

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The energy receiver is a type of device in the Submachine series. Note: This article only discusses energy receivers where physical contact with the energy source is required. Any devices using waves through space are not discussed.

Basic functionEdit

Though the design of the energy receiver is varied, the basic function is to use a tangible power source, such as a wisdom gem or a coil, to "turn on" an otherwise inaccessible portion of the Submachine that the player is currently in. It can also be used to give clues to new room locations as seen in the Submachine Universe.

Submachine 2: The LighthouseEdit

Brick door

Submachine 2 features an energy receiver in the beginning of the game. It is located on the left side of the brick door. The receiver is a bent metal pole connected to a box. When a wisdom gem is inserted into the top part, the box extends a vertical pole carrying a small sphere. Releasing the sphere briefly from the pole makes a ladder descend from the top of the room to the right.

Submachine 4: The LabEdit

Energy receiver sub4

The energy receiver from Submachine 2 is featured in the attic of Submachine 4, but it is just for background decoration. No wisdom gems are found in Submachine 4, so none can be added.

Another type of receiver that is powered by a coil can be found in the ancient section. It resembles a metal column with two stabilizing arms. It is connected by wires to a floodlight.

Submachine 5: The RootEdit

Energy receiver sub5 1
Energy receiver sub5 2

There are two energy receivers in Submachine 5. The first allows the player to access a secret, and the other allows the player to access a combination involving runes. Both are small bronze-metal canisters that are powered by a coil. They have small lightning symbols etched into the front.

Submachine 8: The PlanEdit

L1 beamer

Many beamers found in Submachine 8 are powered by various means. Some require coils and others require fuses or fuseboxes connected by wires. It is important to note that while the beamers require electricity to function, they emit karma instead.

Submachine 9: The TempleEdit

Button device

A device in the Shiva section in Submachine 9 is powered by wisdom gems in order to access the eighth button of the navigator. The gems must be placed in the correct layers in order for the left compartment to open. The gems are collected from a mover right next to the device.

Submachine 10: The ExitEdit

Brick door sub10
IIO karma portal stand

The unpowered karma portal stand that requires vector finders to function.

The player can revisit the lighthouse dungeon and find the same energy receiver next to the brick door, but this time it holds a light sphere.

Several of the karma portal stands found in Sub10 require exterior power in some way or form. This can be in the form of vector finders, loop stabilisers, and portal charges. Portal charges contain plasma charges which can also be used to power gates in the S.H.I.V.A override area.

Submachine UniverseEdit

001 energy receiver
241 energy receiver

Receiver in 241.

Although they don't open a whole new location, wisdom gems are used in the areas 001 and 917, to give you a clue to another location.

In addition, an energy receiver like the ones in Sub 2 and 4 stands in the collector's room, among other Submachine memorabilia, except it points to the right and is just for decoration. Wisdom gems cannot be placed in it.


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