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The term exploration team was first introduced in Submachine 4: The Lab.


The exploration teams were trained in the research base to research the Subnet and find new locations within it.[1] Some of the earlier teams apparently failed and something bad happened, which lead to stricter training.[2]

Murtaugh trained some of the new exploration teams. The training included practices such as always writing notes to leave behind whenever a team changed locations.[2]

The four teams introduced in Submachine 4: the Lab all attended this training and were assigned four different areas to explore: the tomb trap, basement section, ancient section and the ship. They all faced difficulties such as failed equipment[3], lack of water[4] and inability to access other areas.


Ship exploration team (SET)[]


This team's mission was to access the upper deck of the ship.

The team left from the lab traveled straight to the ship, and tried almost everything to open the hatch and release the ladder. Then they thought of the idea of blowing up the hatch with dynamite, possibly consulting their superiors at the lab. This apparently failed and everyone on the team died as a result. The whereabouts of their bodies are unknown.

Ancient section exploration team (ASET)[]

104 floodlight.png

This team's mission was to use floodlights to explore the ancient section. However, they accidentally took an empty coil with them. The situation was very serious as they forgot the coordinates to headquarters and hadn't memorized any of them. Otherwise, they would have gone straight to the basement to recharge the coil.

Then, they tried blind-jumping (entering coordinates randomly) and found a new location at coordinate 551.

A member of the BSET wrote in a note: "Like it mattered at all. We won't see them again anyway", hinting that the basement team witnessed their deaths or that the basement team itself was in a position from which they could not send/receive contact.

This team's current whereabouts are unknown.

Basement section exploration team (BSET)[]


This team's mission was to break the orb with a giant laser. Unfortunately, they broke their coil and were unable to charge the laser.

Two days after the ASET found the brick room, Murtaugh came and said that, since they couldn't charge the laser to break the orb, he would take it back to the looping traps.

This team's current whereabouts are unknown.

Tomb trap exploration team (TTET)[]


This team apparently died from dehydration during its search in the tomb trap. The team found at least 32 chambers in there. Submachine: 32 Chambers reveals the 32 chambers that the crew found.

One odd thing is that this team seems to only have one member from the start.

The only thing that indicates that this person really is the last team is the lines: "Write down the coordinates, he said. Wish I have done that." Most of the notes this member of a team left give a picture that this person was about to become mad.

This team's current whereabouts are unknown.


“But we are all well trained, nothing bad is going to happen. Not this time.”
— Ship exploration team, Submachine 4: The Lab[2]


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