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Fourth Dynasty

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The Fourth Dynasty was a culture that eventually caused the creation of man-made submachines before the Collapse and expansion of the Outer Rim.


In 1832, the Winter Palace was built by Sir Henry O'Toole, who worked for the King. The King also made a garden, which was already part of the Core when it was built. These structures were examples of anti-structural building, and Henry received reputation in the art circles of the Western Kingdom.

Later in 1857, Henry built the lighthouse, which also became a part of the Core.

The Winter Palace pamphlet.

The Fourth Dynasty's cultural and technological knowledge peaked during the early twentieth century. During this time the people of the Dynasty managed to create the first man-made Submachine[1], known as the Root.

The Root was created between 1900-1906 in Kent[2], where a creative genius received directives to create the machine[3]. He succeeded in creating the machine, but it soon grew uncontrollably[4] and thus the Outer Rim was created.[1]

The scientists and builders tried to chart and explore the new territories, but they ultimately failed[1].The Outer Rim was eventually deserted by humans, due to its dangers.[5]

Later, the explorers were featured in an opus about the Submachine, which was found in the Winter Palace.


“We humans deserted the outer rim, and the outer rim responded with deserting us.”
— Unknown[5]


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