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Green Leaf

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Loop (unnatural habitat)
Key of the green leaf-powered portal

The green leaf is one of only two inventory items found in Submachine 3.


The special green-leaf-powered portal statue in The Loop.

The green leaf is just that: a green leaf. It bears a similar shape and vein pattern to the bamboo leaves in the cog trees.

On the last level of Submachine 3: The Loop, the player finds a note written by Mur next to the portal, saying that the player cannot keep solving puzzles forever, but must instead search for a green leaf. The player must bring it to room (-12,9) and power the green leaf-powered portal. The statue looks like a green pedestal with a broad base. Upon placing the leaf on the statue, it disconnects the player from the loop and sends the player to the research base. This is where Submachine 3: The Loop ends.

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