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Sir Henry O'Toole

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Anti-structural building

Sir Henry O'Toole was an architect during the 19th century and likely a member of the Fourth Dynasty.


Entrance to the Winter Palace, O'Toole's first project. Notice the floating blocks near the top.

Henry O'Toole (also spelled "Henry o'Toole") was a young architect, who worked as a servant under the King's master urbanist. He had an advanced understanding of karmic energy, which allowed him to develop the concept of "anti-structural building", which allowed him to create floating structures that were either suspended by strands of karma or made of materials infused with karma.

The Kent lighthouse, O'Toole's second project.

In 1832 he designed the Winter Palace and gained some name for himself in the art circles of the Western Kingdom. He was also knighted for his accomplishments.

As stated by Elizabeth, he built the garden inside the subnet, which allowed it to seem so magical.

Twenty-five years later in 1857, he built the famous Kent lighthouse.


“They didn't have to mimic. They were already living inside the subnet...”
Elizabeth, about the South Garden


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