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Overall Analysis Theory (humorous)

Overall Analysis Theory
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Hello there! If you're reading this i'm hoping it is because the submachine world confuses you and you don't like being confused because if that is the case, you're just like me. Therefore to make us both feel better me with the satisfaction of sharing my opinion and you with the satisfaction of hearing one i have descided to write a guide. I'm not an expert or anything just one person offering up their ideas as there have not been any others . Oh and one more thing I'll write this as if i was an expert... simply because this is my idea and i am serious about it. Enjoy the guide!!

It starts off with this dude called mur. One day he discovered he had a wierd karma power which he could use to do all sorts of things. While he was experimenting with his powers he blasted/chopped/vapourised his own arm off (...Haha) while making portals to the submachine world which i always refer to as the subnet... it's unofficial name. Adding a little bit of sas to this so far very boring story Mur got caught in a loop and only managed to get out using his amazing portal powers. He went in and out of the subnet learning more about it each time. And every time he was caught in some trap or loop he simply teleported away. He learnt that the subnet was very much substance but at the same time complete void. Meaning that there ws no movement, no real sound, no life. In other words the opposite of our world. Some things he never could find out though, unless he brought others into THIS DEADLY WORLD OF HELL!!!!!!!!!11one nah but it was pretty bad anyways to see more skip to "other stuff" and the bit about the lab people (not done yet)

The Subnet is a cold world. Inside it the only way of not being driven to insanity is if you are travelling in a group (apart from the help of mur...) and even then you feel sanctioned from each other and each of you seems to always be in a different room from the rest. The only sounds are echoes coming from vague things that you can't even see. The landscape is harsh and empty and you keep expecting something to jump out at you. It is by no coincidence that the submachine is like this... it is supposed to be like that. Yet it is not the world of pure pain and evil. Nor is it the world of fear and terror. It doesn't fit into any category there is NO word to comprehend it, it is just nothing... and yet it is not the world of emptiness and nothingness either. Like i said it fits into no category it has no unique features... which is what makes it so unique. (no this is not a riddle) (and no i have not considered becoming a poet)

People are cruelly dragged into the subnet at random. The government have no solution so they cover it all up with serial killers and terrorists (remember this is just an idea). It fooled everyone, everyone except mur, and mur who had grown used to peoples lives being totally ruined but not enough for him to still try and stop all of it from happening. Using his grown knowledge he developed a system to hoist in all those who had been sucked into the subnet so that instead of being stuck in any area of the strange hellish place, they were hosted in possibly not exactly a first class area that i like to call "the catchy thingy" but is more formally known as "the basement". Sadly though that is the best he could do or it would be too happy to be part of the subnet. It is based off Mur's real life basement which he always imagined as a prison (the submachine has a strong attachment to human emotion).

The lighthouse. Where Mur moved to get away from the rest of his life. Sadly though some business man ordered it to be buried probably to build yet another disneyland or something. Anyway Mur tried to dig himself out but that didn't work and for some reason he couldn't just walk out before they buried it maybe because the lighthouse had become part of the submachine so he couldn't leave anymore. He was still not that bright compared to how smart he becomes overrall and so when he built a portal, like his basement or "catchy thingy" was based off human emotion only this time instead of "capture" it represented "freedom" which is why when you finally go through the portal you have a short vision in your head that's all "w00t i is walking on beach into sea and is gun die i r fre3 lolololololloololoooolz" anyway....

The lab. Where a load of science geeks were also discovering the submachine. While exploring they met Mur, who at the time new a lot more about the subnet then them. Using his extended power and knowledge of the submachine Mur helped the scientists to build better transport portals which even had CODES OMG! He also introduced them to writing notes to communicate whenever they split up as it seems unless you are in a really close together group it may turn out you can never find the same person again until you can return to the real world. The lab, like the lighthouse soon became part of the the submachine only this time the lab team and Mur had already discovered this and prepared for it. Sadly though Mur and the team discovered something else all too well and all too late. The submachine could kill not by direct means part it could make people blew themselves up or fall off a cliff or simply disappear... The lab team dwindled down to only a few. Mur left them and continued on his own journeys. As far as we know the few remaining lab members are still searching for anwsers and probably still disappearing one by one.

The Ancient Ruins is an old place. Long ago some ancient civilisation lived here.... actually even in this very serious theory i'm willing to admit that the possibilities are endless I'm only giving the most logical explanation but it's way too boring i mean... ancient civilisation-dies-out-and-leaves-behind-whole-new-world-which-human-population-moves-into-thus-overpopulation-of-planet-solved if you're still with me and you're the same type of person as i am then you will know what i mean about this idea just not being.... well.... enough far-fetched. ANYWAY there are loads of wierd artifacts here that are really really old suggesting that this race was about the age of teh egyptians. What makes this super wierd is that there is all sorts of more advanced technology throughout the wrest of the subnet... Who built this? What did they look like? What were their beliefs? How did they die? Did someone create the submachine and if so who? How old is it? why was it created? Who the hell is this Elizabeth fellowess that Mur was writing too? What colour is Mur's cat Einstein? When did someone descide to paint the lighthouse basement red? Why am i making up all these stupid questions? And most important of all! What am i having for dinner tonight????!!!! Hopefully this Mateusz Skutnik will stop lieing to us and in the next game give us some actual anwsers so we DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR SUBMACHINE FREAKING 6: THE FREAKING ANWSERS!

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