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Infernal Basement

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The infernal basement is a location appearing in Submachine 10: The Exit and briefly in the HD version of Submachine 1: The Basement. It connects the basement with the basement exit.


The basic room structure is the same as any room in the basement, but there are new puzzle mechanisms, circular lamps that let out a red glow, and the walls having a deep red color similar to that of hell or the end ruins.

Upon initially entering the area for the first time, the unknown rotary device present in the location in Submachine 1 disappears into the wall, signifying that the player cannot use it to access the basement.

The puzzle mechanisms involve collecting four levers to dislodge a glass plate that blocks access to a red karma portal which leads to the basement.


Infernal basement map.png


  • In order to reach this section, the player must ride the elevator taken at the end of Submachine 1 except this time the process is reversed as the player is going down, not up.
  • This is the only known location in the subnet to contain a red karma portal.
  • Once entered, the only way to leave this location is to solve the puzzle.

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