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Iron pyramid

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OOI (Sub10)

The iron pyramid is a location in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The entire structure of this area is shaped like a miniature pyramid. The binary portal is made of yellow bricks, also arranged in a pyramid, and contains two angled arms that hold up the spheres needed for the portal to function.

The walls are made of iron plates colored different shades of red. They are dimly lit by a series of lamps.

The area contains various references to Egyptian culture. Two statues of the head of Anubis flank the left and right areas. Activating one will transport the player to the other.

Brass ladders of different lengths also are scattered in the area. The height and levels that the ladders can reach are controlled by a system of cogs and gears. One of these cogs can be accessed by turning a yellow pillar with Egyptian hieroglyphs on it to the correct position.

Part of the area underneath the pyramid has been dug out to reveal a cavity where a wooden ladder leads to a karma portal stand that transports the player to the Citric acid room.


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