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4 Dimension Net Theory (confirmed)

4 Dimension Net Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-05
Still alive 2009-05-18
Likely 2012-12-20
Confirmed 2016-01-13
Location in Subnet

This theory is that the Subnet is a 4 dimensional model. For those of you that don't know, the first 3 dimensions are the aspects of space we live in, i.e. length width and depth, then there is a 4th dimension that is thought to be something like how the universe is shaped, where there is a finite(limited) amount of space and matter, but it all folds in on itself in an infinite loop. So when you come up to an edge, you go through it, but come out back at the beginning or center. The thing about 4D object is that they can be incredibly large (or at least seem to be) from the inside, but outside they can be microscopic. The idea is that if you go far enough in one direction then you will end up back at the start, such as in sub 5 where you brake down that bricked up door and end up under the light house again. If the net were a 4D model that has been made or created in some way, then it would explain how you can continue for ever and never meet anyone, and seeing how people would simultaneously be in a place and not be, you would see notes from them, even if you never see them.

Comms Network Theory (debunked)

Comms Network Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-11
Doubtful 2009-05-18
Debunked 2011-02-26

The main points in this theory are that the subnet is a large experimental communication network, like a virtual reality internet. A company created it but decided it was not commercial as the only way to access it was through the portals etc. The project was shut down for few years, then Mur, the lead engineer returned to it for some reason (not specified). He found that the AI that had been integrated into the Submachines to help the system adapt to things like viruses (the defense systems) and to best run core programs (the loop) etc, had developed to such a magnitude that it had accumulated a material presence, (QED it existed). the AI had expanded certain aspect of itself to such a degree, i.e. its defense systems, that when it sensed Mur on the system, it thought he was a virus, and tried to delete him. As Mur had a physical body, and only his mind was interfacing with the Submachine, his mind was erased, and he was rejected from the Submachine, which then cataloged humans as a virus. after time, and losing his arm, mur was able to use data traces left by the submachine in his mind to create his karma arm that means he can enter and leave the sub net by creating his own portals. He then created teams to help him explore the Submachine/Subnet and its new areas. the submachine starts wiping the memoriess of these people as one aspect of its defense mechanism, meaning they become lost and bewilderd by the traps it creates for them. In the future(in relation to sub5) Mur regains his memory and starts destroying the Submachine, this ultimately leads to the Submachine destroying itself and anyone on it, by formatting/deleting all data, causing all people to lose all memory. In the first stages the Submachine leaked from its supercomputer onto a net server and corrupted all systems connected to the internet, meaning it had unlimited 'space' to 'grow' into.

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