Theories by Juratracer.

Wisdom Gem Theory (debunked)

Wisdom Gem Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-04-14
Doubtful 2009-05-18
Debunked 2011-02-26

My theory about the wisdom gems is, like said before, that they are grown from something or some all knowing creature, and all they contain is wisdom. The bigger they get, the more wisdom thy contain. Why they act as battery for some machines is because of the simple sentence: knowledge is power. Murtaugh just found a way to use a different kind of power. Wisdom gems are just scattered over all the dimensions. When Murtaugh was camping (the note in Sub1 and Sub2) he lost his arm, but how did he discover his third arm? I think he found a wisdom gem, receiving all the knowledge it contains. That's how he learned how the 5-dimensional thingy works and how he (and normally every other person) is able to create cross-dimensional gates. When he started training his 'karma arm', he accidentally opened a portal to the dungeon underneath the lighthouse. When he got dug in, he just started training again. Without knowing, he had somehow summoned Einstein, a guard from the defense systems or something like that. When Einstein saw what was going on, he just left to inform whoever, or whatever, leads the defense systems, if there is some kind of leader. When Murtaugh escaped from the lighthouse, he just arrived outside. Knowing that the knowledge of cross-dimensional gates can be used for evil, he made the Loop, to analyze the person he felt was following him. When we arrived at the lab, Murtaugh was already long gone, leaving more puzzles to solve, to know if the person following him was smart enough to be trusted with the secrets he knew. With the time Murtaugh had won with the loop and the puzzles, he created a new machine to travel across dimensions, like the prototype in the lighthouse. Since there are countless dimensions, this was still some kind of prototype to travel across dimensions, but knowing where you would arrive. when Murtaugh arrived at the Root, he learned that he wasn't the first human to discover the knowledge of the wisdom gems. but once again he started erasing all his trails, still not trusting the person behind him. when Murtaugh escaped to the defense systems of the network, he locked the passageway by hiding all the wisdom gems in places he knew could only be found by a person worthy finding them. The light beam you see in sub5, inside the mover, is the power escaping out of the gems and forming a substance. The defense system is to protect the knowledge of the wisdom gems. (Anyone seen Indiana Jones 4? The girl dies because her brain decays under all the knowledge. That's why the gems are protected.) The reason you can't see any creatures in any of the Submachines is because they weren't smart enough. Murtaugh didn't want anyone finding the Root, or the defense system, without the proper brain capacity.

Map Theory (debunked)

Map Theory
Theory history
Submitted 2009-07-11
Doubtful 2009-07-18
Still alive 2009-12-20
Doubtful 2011-02-26
Debunked 2016-01-13

ok, i have a theory here: why do ppl get lost in the subnet while trying to discover new worlds. as we kinda said before: they might be trying to make a map of the subnet and the places where the transporter takes you. but what if that place is a place where you can't survive, like for example, the bottom of ocean, mars, the sun,... you will die and the machine might short-circuit. ok, the reason: what are they looking for: like i just said, a map. when the ship crew got to the ship, they wondered what might be upstairs, they told mur, and he ordered them to get up, no matter what. the 32 chambers of sand: when you look at the 2 rooms of sand you get to enter, you see that the design is rather egyptian, and we all know what kind of maze they made in every piramid. maybe, in a early state of mur's leadership, he might have used this maze as a former loop, while still designing his own. the puzzles inside are just puzzles made by mur, or puzzles the egyptians put in there, so they could always get out of there. so, the team, or person who was exploring this area, also took too long solving the puzzles, and didn't find a way out, so died of dehydration. we never knew what happened to our body, except that we died of dehydration. so maybe we also became that kind of bubble, but we weren't carrying anything, so the bubble would be empty. while the person who died in the piramid might have been carrying that golden arm, so we got it after the bubble was gone.

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