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The karma arm is an invisible third "arm" that can be used to create karma portals. Murtaugh found out he had one after an accident in Kent.[1]


The karma arm is essentially Murtaugh's left arm spread across the seven layers[1], although he could not see it before dipping his hand into a waterfall in Kent. The karma arm was stated to be invisible to Murtaugh himself and others around him,[1][2] but later it was said Murtaugh could in fact see the arm in all of the seven layers at the same time.[3] The arm can at least sometimes be seen as light blue outlines.[4]


An example of a karma portal, that can be drawn with the arm.

So far the only known usage of the arm is to create cross-dimensional portals[5] called karma portals. These portals are known to move within a dimension and also between them, depending on the type drawn. This allows Murtaugh to explore more of the Subnet at a time than possibly any other person. The hand can be used to move physical objects around, like a normal arm, and appears solid.[4]

The process of creating these portals is often described with the verb "to draw"[6][7], although the verbs "to build"[8], "to place"[9] and "to create"[10] have also been used. However, the latter three have been used to refer to the creation of the portal on the top of the Lighthouse, the nature of which is not fully understood.

Murtaugh draws the portals by focusing all seven versions of his karma arm to a single location. This creates a flow of karma through the layers to his fingertips, which he presumably can use to "draw" the portal.[3]

Murtaugh mentions using the energy from a wisdom gem to teleport to an unknown location, which means it is possible, and perhaps even required, for the arm to use external energy sources while creating portals.[10]

These abilities granted by the arm are both useful and dangerous. While Mateusz Skutnik has hinted that the arm has saved Murtaugh multiple times, the portals drawn by it also tear up the fabric of the dimension.[9] A testament to Murtaugh's skills with the arm is that he can even create additional dimensional portals while travelling inside one. However, doing this "changes direction of everything".[11]


“ Well, I did lose my left arm, but what the hell, I found out that I had a third arm. The invisible one. Since then I started to learn how to use my karma arm”
— Murtaugh


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