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Karma Portal Stand

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Holds a stable karma portal

A karma portal stand (abbr. "KPS") is a device that creates and/or maintains stabilized karma portals, which enables the player to visit locations without causing damage to the surrounding areas. They are seen in Submachine 9: The Temple, Submachine 10: The Exit, and Submachine Universe.

KPS designs range in complexity. The section below arranges karma portal stands from least complex to most complex.

General SubVerse KPSs[]

Basic SubVerse KPSs generally take on the shape of a brass pole with a brass stabilizing ring. These are the most basic of stand shapes, and also probably the weakest since one is shown destroyed in the quiet rooms.

KPSs found in the false loop and the gate access room consist of a triangular stone slab supported by four metal rods. The slab has a star-like carving in its centre.

Karmic KPSs[]

Several SubVerse locations contain KPSs that consist of karma.

The ones found in the Photographer's quarters, Root base, and Dharma alcove require various means of activation.

The ruin ring and the blue lever room contain KPSs that emit a dim cyan glow only when hovered over; they consist of a single post with a karma portal on top of it.

Temple/Nataraja room KPSs[]

The temple and the Nataraja room contain slightly more complex KPSs that hold green karma portals. Usually the basic ring-and-post design is built into another object, for example a wall fitting or a table with candle holders.

KPSs similar to those can be found in certain Submachine Universe locations, such as the primary gate control, the pyramidion, and the observatory. One of the observatory KPSs holds a green karma portal.

KPSs in the resin room and aeolic corridor seem to take up the whole room. They consist of concentric rings. The karma portal in the aeolic corridor is off-center, which caused damage to its KPS.

Watchtower KPS[]


Another prototype of a karma portal stand can be found outside the watchtower. It is used to stabilize a karma portal from the error room that is the only way of entering the location.

In contradiction to the design of the portal stand in Submachine 10 it uses 12 light bulbs instead of portal stabilizers. What looks like a power source below the metal ring is very likely a controller or distributor (see watchtower) as its plugged into a thick power cable of some sort.

Submachine 10 KPSs[]

There are several versions of extremely complex portal stands found in Submachine 10, but they all are equipped with 8 portal stabilizers to prevent any damage to the surroundings. Although all are powered with karmic energy, the energy source can only be seen nearby those in the angel ruins and the meditation temple. In the karma studies facility, vector finders are used as another modification.

Locations of karma portal stands:

Karma portals within KPSs rotate differently from non-stabilized karma portals. A normal karma portal's rings rotate slower the further they are from the center. A portal within a stand rotates the opposite way, with the rings rotating faster the further they are from the center.

The lavender room and the edge filtration corridor (Submachine Universe) contain similar KPSs. The KPS in the antenna control room doesn't seem to be equipped with portal stabilizers, but it still requires karmic energy to be activated. These 3 KPSs support karma portals that rotate in a usual way.

The Lighthouse Annex KPS[]


Sub10 KPSs are classified as prototypes, but this location has a KPS that belongs to the second or third generation[1].

The basic ring-and-post shape is clearly recognizable, but, unlike the previous generation KPSs, this one looks much more slick and solid, even though it's weathered by time.


  • The lighthouse annex's karma portal stand design and its associated information references a sculpture by Robert L. Wood. He is a professor at SUNY Buffalo State College in New York, and his sculpture "Crossing" is installed at the State University College at Geneseo.

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