Karmic Water

Karmic fountain

Generating light-based objects

Karmic water is a liquid in Submachine 9.


A fountain full of karmic water is found to the right of the entrance of the water pantheon. A small spigot on the right side of the fountain pours a narrow stream of karmic water into a crevice in the stone floor. Sticking the brass jug under the spigot will fill it with a supply of karmic water that apparently never runs out.


The water is a liquid that glows a bright neon green, and flows smoothly and quickly between containers.


Upon pouring the water into a special brass container, such as a bowl or vase, a complex pattern of green light will emerge from the container. Each of these patterns has a purpose in gameplay, from creating an item that the player can pick up and use elsewhere, to generating a pathway for the player to walk across.

The water generates three obtainable items that can be collected from the "karmic plants":

  • Karmic seal large Karmic seal small 2 karmic seals
  • Cog wheel sub9 Cog wheel

Other possible appearancesEdit

  • Karmic water may have been stored in the glowing box in Submachine 7: The Core. When the box is used in its target location, it reveals a glowing symbol, accompanied by the same sound effect as those heard in Submachine 9.


  • Karmic water has strong connections to Hinduism in this game, not only by its name, but by its symbolism.
    • In Hindu beliefs, water symbolizes growth (similarly, karmic water makes the green karmic plants grow).
    • It also, more importantly, symbolizes the destruction of evil, as does the popular god Shiva.
    • Shiva is commonly depicted with a stream of water shooting from his head; this stream represents the source of the holy Ganges river. The karmic water fountain could mimic this source of the river.

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