Kent is the only location mentioned in the Submachine games that apparently isn't part of the Subnet.

Submachine main series loreEdit

In the main series lore, during a camping trip to a place called Kent falls, Murtaugh lost his left arm and learned about his karma portal creation abilities. Some time later, he also became the keeper of the Kent lighthouse. According to its pamphlet, the lighthouse was erected in 1857 by Sir Henry o'Toole on the ruins of a medieval prison dungeon and still saved its original structure even if wars have been fought over lands of Kent.

Real lifeEdit

Kent Falls, Connecticut, USAEdit

Kent Connecticut

Kent region in Connecticut

It is hypothesized by some that the "Kent Falls" discussed in the lore refers to a destination in the United States.

The most popular "Kent Falls" in the United States is located in a park in Kent, Connecticut. The "Kent Falls State Park" offers a scenic view of 17 different waterfalls. They are located at 41°46′30″N, 73°24′36″W and their official website can be found here.

Google maps also shows 2 other locations named "Kent Falls", but they are not notable tourist destinations:

  • Kent Falls, Morrisonville, Clinton, NY 12962, US
  • Kent Falls, Mill Valley, Marin, CA 94941, USFramsgate

A list of old Connecticut lighthouses can be found here (a couple of them were also erected not far from 1857).

Major factors that disprove this destination being the target of the lore include the two facts that this destination is not on a coastline, and no wars were fought at this destination. However, the sign for this "Kent Falls State Park" in location 232 is clearly from this destination.

Kent Lighthouses, EnglandEdit

Kent England

Kent county in England

Kent lighthouses

Location of lighthouses in Kent, England

Another likely hypothesis could be that "Kent Falls" refers to the English County of Kent, located south-east of London.

The English County of Kent county suffered some period of wars; in particular during World War II, much of the Battle of Britain was fought in the skies over the county. Between June 1944 and March 1945, over 10,000 V1 flying bombs, known as "Doodlebugs", were fired on London from bases in Northern France. Many were destroyed by aircraft, anti-aircraft guns, and barrage balloons, yet both London and Kent were hit by around 2,500 of these bombs.

There are various famous lighthouses located in that area, and the most probable for the lore could be:

  • one in Ramsgate, since in the same town there is also a waterfall (you can see an old photo here)
  • the Southern Breakwater in Dover (see a photo here), since it's very similar to the one showed in the game;
  • South Foreland Lighthouse, in St. Margaret Bay, since it was used by Guglielmo Marconi for his radio experiments (and it could explain the radio equipment in Lighthouse)

A table with most of English Kent lighthouses follows:

Name Location Photo Active through: Height Coordinates
South Foreland (High Light) St. Margaret Bay 1 1843-1988 21m 51.140462N, 1.371137E
North Foreland Broadstairs 1 1693- 26m 51.374888N, 1.445131E
Dover (Admirality Pier) 1 1908- 20m 51.111366N ,1.327632E
Dover (Prince of Wales Pier) 1 1902- 14m 51.114066N, 1.322903E
Dover (Southern Breakwater) 1 1909- 21m 51.113107N, 1.329952E
Dover (Knuckle Light) 1 1909- 16m 51.117361N, 1.341426E
Dungeness (Old Lighthouse, High Light Tower) 1 1904-1961 37m 50.913715N, 0.969645E
Dungeness (New Lighthouse) 1 1961- 43m 50.913499N, 0.975895E
Ramsgate 1 1842- 8m 51.327675N, 1.421458E
Margate 1 1955-? 18m 51.390811N, 1.378208E

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