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King (presumably)

The King is a currently unknown character introduced in Submachine 7: The Core.


It seems likely that the King lived during 1832, and commissioned the construction of Winter Palace and South Garden, as he owned these facilities. It is to be assumed he ruled during the Fourth Dynasty.

It is commented that he had the following people under his command;

Elizabeth makes remarks that imply that she keeps the King in high regard, as she refers to him as her King.


From what we know, it seems that the King loved science, and wanted to create facilities for people of science. In contrast, he also made the South Garden for those who want to calm their nerves under his blessed florae.

On the notes he has written himself, he refers to himself with the majestic plural or royal we. (For example; "We the king", "Our garden").


  • The King of United Kingdom in 1832 was William IV. The likelihood of him being the King from Submachine is supported by the following facts; Kent lies in England and the text where he is mentioned or which he wrote are all in English, also the Fourth Dynasty reached its peak around 1900, the end of the Victorian Era and the pinnacle of the British Empire and the number could refer to: 1. House of Plantagent, 2. House of Tudor, 3. House of Stuart, 4. House of Hannover.
  • The King of France in 1832 was Louis-Philippe I. The likelihood of he being the King from Submachine is smaller than William IV, although The Plan of South Garden being a copy of the Garden of Versailles supports it, France overthrew the House of Orléans before 1900. The Fourth Dynasty could refer to: 1. House of Capet, 2. House of Valois, 3.House of Bourbon, 4. House of Orléans

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