Lab (area)

Lab table

TypeResearch Quarters' Coordinates
001 (Sub4), 001 (second network in Sub5), IIO (Sub10), 000 (SubVerse), 010 (SubVerse)

The lab complex (or lab area) describes a group of several locations featured in the Submachine series. The term lab can also refer to a singular lab location.

Labs were used as a headquarters for various exploration teams who were investigating portions of the Subnet under the direction of Murtaugh.

There are different types of lab locations which are visited in different games:

Submachine 4: The Lab - 001Edit

The player arrives on the roof of a large research/storage area.

Submachine 5: The Root - 001 (second network)Edit

The player begins the game a residential area of the lab.

Submachine 10: The Exit - 001, IIOEdit

The player visits the karma studies facility, a special branch of the lab complex specializing in karma research exclusively.

The Sub4 lab is also revisited when the player returns to the rooftop and enters a different part of this lab through a steel plated window. Inside the area is a disabled sub-bot, a note, and a karma stabilizer machine.

Submachine Universe - 000, 001, 010Edit

The player begins in a completely different room from the previous two games known as Lab facility 32 m. It is unknown if this location is part of the same lab as a location in the main series or if it is a completely different lab altogether. The lab from Submachine 4 (001) also makes an appearance in the SubVerse and leads to two previously unseen locations. A third location at coordinates 010 deals with wisdom gem power research exclusively.


It's unknown when the lab complex was first created, but it was created by various explorers and scientists who were under the impression that there was one single submachine. However Murtaugh soon came along and showed them with his use of opening karma portals that there are in fact multiple submachines within the network.

During that point, the explorers and scientists were able to reverse-engineer portals that were originally made to transport sub-bots, so that they could explore the submachine network.

Murtaugh then divided the explorers into exploration teams who were given instructions in the lab complex and then sent to specific locations in the Outer Rim to carry out tasks. None of the teams ever returned.


The original purpose of the lab complex was to research the growth and expansion of the submachines in the Outer Rim. A second, more detailed part of the lab was constructed later when studying the properties of karma became a priority.

Known lab membersEdit

There have been at least 16 members of the Lab.

Members Status
Player Alive
Murtaugh Alive/Dead
A group of scientists Dead
Predecessors Dead
Ship exploration team Dead
Tomb trap exploration team Dead
Basement exploration team State unknown
Ancient section exploration team State unknown

Lab locationsEdit


“I read that there were exploring teams. For the love of god, did he really form teams?”

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