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Break objects through superheating them

The laser is a device found in the basement section in Submachine 4: The Lab.


See the Basement section note The team in the basement section was assigned to use the laser to break apart the orb, but they shattered their coil. Since they could not charge up the laser and fire it, Murtaugh took the orb and put it back in the looping traps.

The laser breaking the orb.

The player later visited the laser with a charged coil and was able to break the orb.

It should be noted in Submachine Universe that the laser is inoperative and cannot be used, because there is no power.


This is the mechanism of the laser stretched out through the basement section.

The main generator itself is stored in a large curved metal container with two charge lights that display how charged the laser is. Thick gray cables lead to two charging stations, which are wall-mounted curved machines that accept charged coils and route their power to the main generator. Two coil loads are needed, one administered on each side of the generator, to fully charge the laser.

Once the main generator is fully charged, a lever can be turned to switch the laser on. The laser is extremely powerful and can break through walls. However the beam can be reflected to other spots using a data disc.

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