Level 7

Level 7

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Level 7 is the seventh of 11 levels in Submachine 3: The Loop.


The rooms exhibit typical loop architecture, and the lighting is a warm golden color.

The graph typically found working in (1,0) has been torn off the wall and is left dangling by some wires. A switch can be found in (0,-1), which turns on a shadow projector at (0,1). The shadow projector displays 6 rectangles with diagonal lines in it after it is activated. There are six combination plates stretching off to the right, bordered by four lights each. When connecting pairs of metal strips in the plates, different pairs of lights will activate. To solve the puzzle, the player must match the lights in the plates (which light up in opposite corners) with the corners that the diagonal lines connect to in the shadow projector. Then the player can pull a lever to unlock the passage-machine.


Level 7 map



  • In the HD version, the switch to activate the projector is moved from the bottom left of the wall to the center. The shadow lines are also notably changed to be less defined in the HD version.

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