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Level X

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Level x is a sub-layer of the loop encountered in Submachine 10: The Exit. It is accessed via a karma portal in storage unit 33/2.


The location features typical Loop architecture and is lit by a gray light. The area loops in a way similar to the looping sphere. Every exit leads to any other room at random.

There are ten rooms, listed as shown in the map from left to right:

1. Contains a broken passage-machine that has been shattered by a karma portal.
2. Contains a trail of wires from the wall where a graph used to be, exactly the same as seen in Level 9.
3. Contains nothing.
4. Contains a panel of a 5x5 grid of squares, the corners of which are missing. Mousing over the squares reveals tiny blue lights that shine through the panels.
5. Contains a panel with two red lights that light up green if switches in the area are turned on. The door conceals a plasma coil.
6. Contains a square panel with four lights that correspond to increments on the poles in #9 and #10. Using the attached valve and turning it to move the horns in #9 and #10 up and down creates arcs of electricity when the horns are lined up. If the horns are aligned over one of the two markers, a blue karma signal will be emitted and picked up by a receiving horn, unlocking a switch. This must be done twice. This panel controls the left emission horn.
7. Same as #6, but is missing the valve. This panel controls the right emission horn.
8. Contains the emission horns. Two plates below the horns with symmetrical symbols indicate which square panel patches with which emission horn.
9. Contains the receiving horn for the left emission horn.
10. Contains the receiving horn for the right emission horn.


As the rooms loop randomly, this map only showcases every unique room and does not necessarily reflect any sort of layout in which they may appear. Level x map.png


  • This area shares some similarities with level 9.
    • The walls are the same color.
    • The broken map is identical, except for an extra panel that contains the secret.
  • The Lighthouse portal from Submachine 2 is still active in Submachine 10, and when one clicks on it, the player is teleported to this location, just like in Sub2 the Player is teleported to the loop.

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