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The Lighthouse is where Murtaugh lived for five months before it was buried. It is explored in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse. It's the part of the Root.



In the middle ages there was a prison here which makes up is the red-orange lower level of the Lighthouse.

According to a pamphlet found inside the lighthouse, it was built in 1857 by Henry O'Toole.

The lighthouse has seen many wars but was never destroyed. Although it isn't exactly known when or how it became such, the lighthouse is a part of The Core.


Murtaugh took the position of the lighthouse keeper. This was probably due to the influence of others in the Core, as he was antisocial and had only one arm; therefore, others thought him to be a freak.

Brick door

Typical architecture for the old dungeon.

During his time at the lighthouse Murtaugh found a new pet; Einstein.

It is known that Murtaugh tested his powers in the lighthouse, and mastered them to a whole new level. He could make karma portals even to unknown areas.

This led to his new wish to create a huge portal out of the Core using the power of the Lighthouse. When he contacted Liz about it, Elizabeth advised him not to follow through with this plan.

However, his experiments caused a layer in the Core to partially shatter, and caused fatalities, so that eventually 'they' (an unnamed group of people) decided to bury the building, forcing Murtaugh to escape through the big portal and causing 'the collapse'.

Submachine 2Edit

The player visited the lighthouse and escaped using the portal Murtaugh had used. After that even more damage was done to the lighthouse and dirt flowed down to the "prison" floor.

Submachine 5Edit

The player revisited the lighthouse and discovered the cave-in mentioned above. The player also collected the wisdom gem to power the Mover.


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