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Lighthouse Tower

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The lighthouse tower is the main part of the lighthouse found in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse. It is revisited as the last location the player visits before escaping to the desert in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The tower can be accessed from the first floor of the lighthouse. This location contains the second floor and the lighthouse portal, which sits at the top where the searchlight would be. The windows are covered with metal plates.

The walls and floor of the area are solid gray metal. One part at the top has been breached with dirt and earth from the lighthouse's burial. The player accesses different areas of the tower via a system of white ladders. One of these ladder sections is mounted on a switch-operated swivel. The swivel can be manipulated so that the ladder can disconnect/connect and prevent/allow access to higher portions of the tower.

This area contains multiple puzzles that need to be solved in order to power the portal. For each puzzle solved, an indicator panel beside the portal will change one of five lights to green.

As the tower continues climbing, the width of the area diminishes. Near the top, there are two branching tunnels leading to the left and the right.

In Submachine 10, the entire bottom two-thirds of the tower is flooded with resin. The player can only climb up into the area with the portal, where items can be taken from and replaced with others to escape to the desert. If the player decides to use the lighthouse portal before deactivating it, they will end up in Level X.


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