Liz's Room

Liz's room

Accessible through 461

Liz's Room is a hidden room within the sewers of the lighthouse.


Although this room is in the sewers, the architecture is completely different from the rest of the sewers. This room is made of red stone, suggesting it is a part of the medieval lighthouse dungeon.

The room appears to be quite narrow, although it holds a small recess to put something in. There are two arches bricked to the wall, most likely for decoration purposes.

Someone has taken the trouble of installing a lamp in here, so that the room is properly lit up. At some point, another person entered this room, and added an elliptical panel displaying the number 8.

461 Liz's room

Liz's room in Submachine Universe.

This is called Liz's room because the Letter to Liz can be found in it.


The ambiance in Liz's room is the same one used in the sewers, using echoing sounds of water drops falling and water splashing somewhere nearby.

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