Maps of the locations in the Submachine games. For maps of locations that appear exclusively in Submachine Universe, see the individual location pages. A master list of all locations can be found here.

291 map sub7


Winter Palace exterior map

Winter Palace

Winter Palace interior map

Winter Palace - Inside

South Garden monolith section map

South Garden - Monolith Section

South Garden tile section map

South Garden - Tile Section

South Garden plaza map

South Garden - Plaza

South Garden lamppost section map

South Garden - Lamppost Section

Zwo map sub7

South Garden - Tree trunk section

Capsule interior


Liz's ship map

Liz's ship

Super secret bonus section map

Super secret bonus section

Ward map


Ward map flfhd

Ward (Layer 5)

Memory bank map

Memory bank

Memory bank map flfhd

Memory bank (Layer 5)