This interview was compiled and recorded on the Wiki in the spring of 2009, and questions were selected for the final interview using an overly complicated voting process. The interview was sent July 6, and Mur responded July 15. Note that this was within two days of the release of Covert Front 3.


1. How long have you been making Flash games?

since 2004, five years just passed.

2. Why did you choose to build your own game engine? Why did you name it "The Float" and how many games have you incorporated it in?

the engine is a template for my pnc games. During last year I started creating / compiling games of other creators from the pastel team, so I needed a stable template to work on. Hence the float. The name comes up from the fact that the inventory and items in it are floating.

3. We know that you are also a painter and paint with watercolors, how long have you been painting for?

Oh jeez. Hard to tell. At least 15 years. But my first publications came in 2003 - Revolutions and Morfolaki.

4. Do you find it more interesting to do watercolour artwork or designing video games?

There's no grading. Those actions are uncomparable, hence I can't tell which one I like most. It's like asking a parent which child he likes most.

5. How did the idea of the Submachine series come to you?

Playing lots of point and click games on After I finished with Graeme's vault, I thought to myself, hey, I can do that too. Submachine was the first thing that came to my mind.

6. How long does it take to make a game like Submachine, and roughly how much work goes in it?

From 1 month up to half a year.

7. How did you choose the artist for the ambient music in the Submachines? Do you ever think about how the music will sound in the game while you are making it?

He contacted me and showed his work. Those ambients fit perfectly. So we stayed together on this project. Yes, I do think about the ambient during the development. ThumpMonks then get my notes on it, and after few trials we're done.

8. Are the real-life photographs in FLF of people from your family, or Mark Barrott's(FLF'S)?

Those are Mark's photos, that game and those pictures were linked to his latest album at the time.

9. What is the Submachine episode you are the most proud of? How about the least?

Best - Submachine 5 - most complexed. Least - Submachine 0 - too short and easy. That game was created especially for jayisgames contest. It split the storyline in two and created a bit of a mess.

10. At the bottom of there is a link to the "theories forum." Is this there for a shoutout to all of the forum members, or do you just enjoy all of our theories and want to see more? Have you come up with all of your ideas by yourself, or have you been slightly influenced/got an idea reading through the countless theories from your fans?

Its a shoutout to forum theory writers. I think those theories are interested enough to show them to a casual gamer that stumbled upon Those theories are a part of this universe. And that will be proven in upcoming subnet project, where they land inside the game itself.

11. Once the series got going, did you ever imagine the chance of the multitude of theories that there are today, or did you never even think that one would ever be made?

No. I'm very happy that there are so many, and that people got involved with Submachine and that it makes them thinking and wanting more. That's my biggest achievement, to tell the story that fuels your mind and makes you think.

12. Inspiration for your games comes from everywhere, as you have stated in Sub4. Yet, what would you consider to be your biggest inspiration for Submachine?

No idea. Nothing and everything at the same time.

13. Anything else you would like to address your fan base about?

Yeah. Submachine 6 should come out around september 2009, but it's not an official date and it's very loose. Just saying.

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