Mechanical hand

Mechanical hand

Hold secrets, track human movement

The mechanical hand is an unusual device in Submachine 2: The Lighthouse.


The mechanical hand appears to be made of some metallic material, and resembles a hand, hence its name. It also appears in the Submachine 2 Sketch and in the church in Submachine Universe.

It has four moving "fingers" with three joints in each.


The hand is unique to other devices in the Submachine series as it reacts to the movement of the player's cursor, following an algorithm that depends on the position of the mouse in the gameplay area.

In Sub2, the mechanical hand holds a total of four secrets. Given that it is found in Murtaugh's living quarters, it may well be one of his first experiments, perhaps using his karma arm.



  • While refreshing or changing screens, the mechanical hand will show its "default" position for a fraction of a second, possibly due to the fact that it doesn't detect a cursor in that short time. Once a cursor is detected the hand will resume normal movement.

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