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Meditation Temple

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III (Sub10)

The meditation temple is a location in Submachine 10: The Exit.


The room's design with its arches is familiar to the brick room (with inverse colors) while the flooring is nearly the same as that of the cardinal mosque. There are two statues at the left and right corners of the location; the one on the right depicts a kind holding a skull in his left hand, and the one on the left is broken. Most of the objects are made from brass, also found commonly in the pyramid.

The binary portal to the area is suspended on brass poles and surrounded by candles on tall candle holders.

Left side[]

On the upper floor, a karma portal stand can be found right next to the binary portal and also a note with a rune on it. The karma portal stand leads to the temple. Downstairs on the right stands a fuse machine, while on the left the wireless energy source for the code machine in the lighthouse dungeon and a sub-bot can be found.

Right side[]

To the left is a light crown for a light sphere. To the right, a sub-bot capsule can be found.

Hidden room[]

A smaller stand holds an energy source known as a "meditation glyph" for the karma portal stand.


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