Metal box

Metal box

Contains wisdom gem

The metal box is a item that appears in Submachine 5: The Root.


Metal box dial

Part of the puzzle that must be solved to get the metal box.

The box is located inside the metal box room, in the center room. It is initially hidden under a larger gray metal box with elaborate carvings on the outside, that demonstrates an ability to float similar to bell cubes. It can only be obtained after lifting the larger metal box by correctly solving the room's valve turning puzzle.


Citric acid molecule

A citric acid molecule.

The box is small and blue-grey in color, with screws holding it together at its corners. The box could be made up of a variety of metals - magnesium, aluminum, zinc, iron, nickel, and lead are all likely candidates since they are more reactive than hydrogen (i.e. they react with acids, as the box does in-game), and are commonly used.

This box is similar in appearance to the metal box found in Submachine 6: The Edge, though their contents and methods of opening differ. (The box in the chronon was opened by solving the time-turning puzzle and contained a connection pod. However, rusting is a chemical reaction.)


Metal box in acid

The metal box in the acid.

After obtaining the box, it can be taken to the citric acid room. After placing the box inside the bath, it reacts with the citric acid, starting to bubble as hydrogen gas is released. Once the box is fully disintegrated, the wisdom gem inside can be collected.

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